Monday, August 27

No blog all weekend!

As a true Wow addict i try to spend every free moment on WoW and wouldnt dare "wasting" any time on something which doesnt gain XP or give me a slight chance on virtual gain. So no blogging all weekend :)
I still need to redo the titlebar in something a bit less simplistic as it is now but my characterviewer keeps crashing, probably the same problem as my WoW-client itsself has. Hopefully i can adress that later.

In my Lunchbreak i went home for a bite (and to escape that ringing phone) and i couldnt restrain myself of logging in WoW for a couple of minutes. My Shaman was parked somewhere out in the bush as i got unexpected visitors and my Heartstone was on cooldown, to get as much rested bonus as possible i wanted to park it at the local inn.. while in between getting that last 2k xp and ding 29. Yay!
I was thinking how each 10th level gives you some of the coolest skills; A pet at level 10, Aspect of the Cheetah at 20 for a Hunter... Travelform at 30 for a druid, a mount at 40. Every class has this and it's kind of the motivator of leveling, getting to that next cool skill! On the other hand it's kind of frustrating when you just passed a point like that and know you will need 10 levels worth of XP again before getting the new good stuff... it's this craving what keeps me going i guess.

This week i decided to do some more chours around the house as there is plenty to do (and kind of a Deadline with my GF's Birthday next weekend). So there is a huge internal fight brewing between my willpower and my wow addiction, which will win? When i was about to move house i decided to cancel my internet a month early which helped both me and my GF to get some work done. (did i mention her and mine /played are probably not thát far apart? :P )

My addiction was causing trouble at work today aswell, i got a Elek shitload of work and still i try to reward myself for completing something and check out the net for some Wow related reading. It's like i'm posessed actually, spontanious my hand moves my mouse to the lower left corner of my desktop and starts internet explorer.. ready for some browsing. At that point it's up to my willpower again to close it before my hands actually start typing one of the regular URLs.. i can tell you it's like my willpower is Hogger and my Wow addiction is a 40man raid of level 1 gnomes (Pink haired if you please).
As you can see.. the gnomes won in the end ;)

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