Wednesday, August 29

Bigger Addict

This blog is about being a WoW addict as the title might give away. While i was a bigger addict in my earlier WoW carreer (i've called in sick quite a few times too many i must confess /blush) i got it pretty much under control at the moment, or at least that is what i keep telling myself.
That i play less often is a fact eventho i'd like to pick up the pase again soon to get back into the raidinggame.

However... it is always good to see people who are addicted more then you are. You know that person who is ALWAYS online, wether you log in during your lunchbreak or in the middle of the night... that person who has at least 2 accounts and duo-box's (or rather triple or get the idea) and has at least 3 level 70 alts and various rising.
We have a person like that in the guild aswell, i think he's gonna propose to his computer instead of his GF any time soon :P
Sure we have more people in our guild who play quite a bit more then i do but i'd say this is our winner! Truth told this guy does alot for the guild, naming him shouldnt be needed as every Guildmember will know who i'm talking about here ;)
There is quite some stuff going on backscreen on the Council and Classleader forums and he's always ready to bring new insight on topics, or further complicate things actually. Out in the open he runs most of out raids and is never too busy to help someone if they need kit from a certain instance which would improve the raid.
The only thing that keeps him away is what he calls Girlfriend-Aggro... which does come at akward times now and then. Even funnier when being able to listen in on Teamspeak, which mistake he hasnt had in quite awhile sadly enough.

In my case i don't need to be very afraid of GF-aggro as she plays herself aswell, i'm still not sure if this is a good thing or not as she could have been the one thing what limited my Wow-time...
Often my crooked willpower has to convince myself to convince her we should take a night off and do something on the needed household tasks, how weird is that?

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