Thursday, August 23

Hands... shaking.. need.. my.. fix..

So my PC is still messed up.. or WoW is, i have no idea.
For some reason i can play my low levels without a problem and even IF is no Lag-forge at all.
It's just that Shattrah is shutting me out, didnt even try to kill any of those Aldor bastards lately >.> Ow and my warrior alt (70) is éven Aldor. (maybe they found out i was a double-agent? o.O )

While i play my Dranei Shaman from WoW on my E-drive, i'm trying to repair the version installed on C using the Blizz repairtool. A guildy gave me the tip it could be a memory problem which did remind me of a memory problem a year ago with 2 not matching simms. (not to be mistaken with sims)
I ran a memoryscan tool later but after 2 hours it was still busy. To get my WoW fix i aborted it and played my alt for a bit who made it to 23 by now. My brother in law (who plays a 70 Paly) boosted me through Stockades and Gnomeregan.. i was hoping to experience these dungeons with a party (i actually had some good pugs in my days) but the low level zones are pretty deserted, except for the weekends but the pug quality is alot lower during the day.
Just before i went to bed i ran the memoryscan again so i could see the results next morning, but when i looked this morning: no errors!! Not sure if i should be happy or not, i'd glady buy some new ram if that would solve my problems. (i'm one of those penny-wise, pound-foolish kind of people).
Onward to different methods... may my raidingdays be back soon!

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