Wednesday, August 22


A point everyone comes to somewhere in his WoW carreer i suppose: A Respec.
I'm revering to the time where you choose to drasticly alter your talentbuild so you gain/lose certain skills and possible gain a different playstyle aswell.
When you are a Holy Priest and respec to Shadow Priest that greatly effects your role in a raid or at least your solo play.
A respec also often affects your gear.. do you even have the correct gear to change your build?
Maybe you saved up a second kit so it is alot easier.

Why am i mentioning this? I just recently respecced from the Marksman Tree (for Hunters in case you don't know) to the Beastmaster tree.
Marksman was always thé nr. 1 Damage tree and Hunters being Beastmaster were laughed at and not taken seriously and for good reason i might add.
So Blizz decided to solve that and give BM Hunters a huge boost and all of the sudden théy are the nr. 1 dps tree.. .WTF?

Due to my active playstyle i managed to keep in the top charts even as a MM Hunter but now my gear is of poorer quality compared to the rest (was AFK for 2 months) the difference is more noticeable. So i had no choice to respec in effort to keep up with the rest.

Truth told i love the damage i do now and it is without doubt thé damage tree (studied loads of forums before i decided to "switch" ofcourse) but i still kinda miss being a MM Hunter and certain skills in the tree. (mostly Scattershot)

Hunters are ofcourse not the only class having such "problems", surely other classes had to respec out of their favorite tree to stay up with the rest or to get a raidspot.
At least one addict feels your pain. ;)

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