Friday, August 31

Which one next?

With quite a few alts it's often hard to decide which one to play/level next. I had loads of fun with my Shaman last two weeks for example but now she's 30 (the dreaded STV level) i'm slowly losing interest.

I'm not planning to start a new toon but there are enough options open for me. My druid is level 63 and is exploring Zangermarsh, could be fun. My Horde lock is 37 but that pvp server is really a pain in my ass as various moments, mostly during daytime.

I got a level 70 warrior which i would like to get attuned for Karazhan aswell as my guilds plans some alt runs soon and looking at an instance in a different way can be very refreshing.

At the moment i'd say my warrior is going to get some overdue attention.. but he's arms at the moment which was helpfull in getting some PvP gear just before BG hit us.

So i can either find someone who wants to team up for some arena's (which class would combine best?) or respec to a more PvE build... Fury seems to be the PvE damage dealing spec and i could posibly take a touch of Protection for some tanking. (which i'll have to do most likely in 5mans and Kara)

My current spec was used for tanking aswell so i might aswell keep it the same for now.
Ah well.. i guess i'll see where my moodswing leads me.

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