Wednesday, August 22

A nice Guild makes an Addict

A theory i came up with today: is my addiction partialy my Guild's faulth?
My brother in law is Guildless and has none (as far as i know) ingame friends, i think this helps him limit his WoW time.
I on the other hand know quite some people (altho i not consider them all friends) and can always have a nice chat ingame or find someone to team up with to do something.
It's this social thing that pull people deeper into the game and forms strong bonds with it.

Now i don't want to blame my Guild anything ofcourse.. as it's a amazing bunch of people and i like (almost) each and everyone of them. Now i think of it, my guild is just like one of those Teen series.... not that much drama but full of different (stereo)types;
We have a number cruncher, a foreign guy who talks in riddles, a tough guy, a shoe-addicted girl (not a fettisch), the wanna-be (dps in this case), the serious guy, the clumsy noom, well i'm sure you know what i mean by now.
There are plenty of funny happenings which baptizes a certain zone in "Fred's Corner", (except we have no Fred) certainly most social Guilds have things like this.
Darn you Guild.. i wish you weren't that much fun to be in!

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