Wednesday, August 22

What's on an addicts mind?

Alot actually... having finally moved and done most of the chours i can forget about the new house for a bit again and everything that had to be arranged.
Time for a little bit of wow attention after not being able to play for nearly two months. (!)

So some WoW things on my mind:
- What to do with this blog
- How to improve our guilds raidefforts
- How the hell can i fix wow so i can log in on my main again (shatt seems to be the problem)

The last one on the list is what pains me the most... i have above average computer knowledge but i'm just tired of needing to patch my PC all the time. And now i can finally help my Guild in instances again i can't log on my main anymore. (or any other character parked in or near Shattrah) Been alting yesterday while the guild went to Tempest Keep and i was running patches on an other copy of WoW on my disk. While i had fun with my shammy in the Deadmines (was hoping for a full my level party, we got a level 59 in the group... nice for XP but the funfactor could have been higher i suppose.)
So i'm copying files from my GF's PC hoping something will result in WoW working again as it should.

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