Wednesday, August 22

More time lost

So there... i've done it! I managed yet again to find another way to spend valuable time on World of Warcraft. Don't get me wrong, i have plenty of other things to do but i was always a bit overenthousiastic with things.

When i was younger i used to play loads of Adventures (Monkey Island, Space quest, u name it) and would wake up in the middle of the night and try out how i could get past that damned obstacle. During the lessons at school i'd make various notes on what i could try later.
After a while i was done with Adventures and moved to shooters: Doom was the first real one and i spend many weekend playing Deathmatch against friends. Again during schooldays i would sketch whole books full with designs of levels i would make later to try out in the next weekend.

My obsession with WoW aint that weird then, there is loads and loads of things to do or to plan ahead, calculate on, read up on... this could last me a lifetime.
Not even mentioning the community which can keep you entertained aswell.

So instead of trying to focus on something more usefull for a change i made a blog.. to spend more WoW time on, how stupid is that? ;)
Anyways, i hope someone who is at least such an addict as i am and got nowhere else to go decides to read some more WoWstuff and is enjoying some of my blogging.

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