Saturday, November 24

Looks aint everything

While in this game Stats > Looks it sure helps to have a character which looks okay, which pleases the own eye so to speak. Blizzard has admited this by offering a hair-change feature soon (?) in the next expansion: Wrath of the Lich King. But what i'm refering to is gearwise... for those who spend quite some time at level 60 have probably managed to get a nice set together, perhaps just out of 5-main, crafter or maybe in one the raidinstances. Having a good looking character helps you give you more that "Hero-feel" i assume, at least at every upgrade i quickly use the build-in dressingroom and pray it matches the gear i have slightly... but sadly it often doesn't.
People who had a nice Tier (considered an achievement) set or something pre-TBC quickly started looking like newbies upon entering Outlands in their rainbowlike carnival suites, for me that was a bit depressing.

At 70 the quest for upgrades began anew, often obtained from either raiding or pvp. I'll skip the story on my Hunter as he surely hasn't found the end of his journey yet.. but my Warrior seems to have gotten quite far. I'll start out with a screeny:

This is when my Warrior first set foot in Karazhan, the first raidinstance so to speak. While i was able to tank a bit i was still arms specced at this point.
As you can see the colors of my armor are as flashy as possible, often i try to use a tabard in a certain color to make it look a little bit more fashionable... i mostly fail tho :P

In a few more days i can spend some saved honor points and get me a nice Arena season1 shield and matching shoulders. For those who not know my Warrior has been tanking Karazhan and the alt runs (and even some main ones), often as Main Tank... i can barely dent a bar of butter solo but i make a pretty nice tank if i say so myself. Mainly because the ammount of time and money i've invested in my gear ofcourse. So what will be the endresult? (at least for now)
I present you with another piccy:

Don't i look stunning? Much is owed to Blizzard for matching non-set gear in Karazhan aswell ofcourse but i took the effort of picking it up at the various bosses. :)
I'm looking a bit into (near) future actuelly but it's just a matter of time now before i look like this, from next wednesday (28-11-2007) you should be able to see me standing in Shatt like this.. looks and stats nicely balanced. Or feel free to check his profile.
Looks aint everything, but shouldn't be ignored completely.. there are actually girls out there you know? :P

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