Tuesday, November 6

Machinima - Episode 1

For those who don't know; machinima is a videoclip made with the use of gametools or totaly shot ingame. I'm not sure where it started but i know it's been around since at least Quake. One of the more well known machinima's is the RedvsBlue series, which is shot using Halo.
Ofcourse as a Wow-addict i'm more into wow-related movies and there are some mighty fine ones out there... some just musicvideo's, others complete series or even movies. There is alot of quality difference between them all.. where others are silent-movies, some have brilliant voice acting aswell. (and some less brilliant sadly enough)

As i enjoy watching clips like this during slower periods at raids i wanted to share the ones i enjoy with you, perhaps making it a returning series. I'm starting this series with a couple of music video's based on music from Jonathan Coulton, the funny texts he uses in his songs have proven to make excellent clips.. so i made a kind of top 10 (truth is i didn't find more then 10), all made by the same guy (or group). It's quite funny to see how his Machinima skills have evolved aswell where the first ones barely had any special effects where the latest ones are full of creative highlights. For Maximum enjoyment you might want to start at the bottom and work up (altho it's not totaly in the correct order, it's kind of in the order which my current mood fits... Code Monkey is my personal number one anyway).

Nr. 1 Code Monkey

Nr. 2 The Future Soon
Nr. 3 Betty and Me
Nr. 4 Skullcrusher Mountain
Nr. 5 I Feel Fantastic
Nr. 6 The Big Boom
Nr. 7 Podsafe Christmas Song
Nr. 8 Creepy Doll
Nr. 9 Just as long as me
Nr. 10 Your Brains

And as a small bonus a beefed up version of Code Monkey: Speed Monkey

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