Wednesday, January 2

Back from AFK

I've been being keeping this blog poorly updated during the x-mas period.. i've could say i have been busy with reallife things and commitments but instead i'll just say i did research for my Wow blog... okay, okay.. i've just been gaming. As a true wow addict i rather play then write a blog but in my defense i did actually experienced some cool new stuff (for me at least).

Perhaps you remember me writing about my shaman alt (enhancement, better known as the melee dps spec) who was about level 40 somewhere halfway into december.
Then my little holiday break hit me and i've been testing the new improved leveling Blizzard introduced in patch 2.3
And you know what? On the last day of 2007 i dinged 60!
More about this alts adventures and shammies in general in upcomming posts, hopefully matched with new topics and raidadventures. I'm back at work so plenty of time to create some nice reading material for you people :P

Anyway, wishing you the best for the new year.. not just in reallife but at least as important in-game aswell!

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