Monday, September 3


How frustrating is that? You plan to go play some World of Warcraft (or any game actually) and then you find out your PC is messed up.
So you try to patch it with some tape so it holds for a little while but you know you will have to find a proper sollution sooner or later anyway.
Besides that, that tape doesnt really give the right effect and while it allows you to play it doesnt quite fully do the job.

I had that last two weeks where i couldnt get near to Shattrah so i just avoided that place making me dependend on summons to the various places. In the meantime i looked for a better sollution from running Spybusters, Memory scans, replacing my Graphix Card to Defragmentating my drive. As a last resort i reinstalled Windows which was quite a pain with 1 bazillion updates.
That didnt work either so the rly rly last resort was reinstalling WoW which was even a bigger pain and took me most of my free Sunday, luckily i could still play WoW as i was installing it to a different drive. Finally i was able to enter Shattrah again and i was joining that nights raid with full confidence again and with much hope of not crashing. Due to 1gig of memory still on my desk instead of the PC it was bit laggish but my PC held out. :)

All and all this addict had a good WoW day last Sunday, i played my Warrior alt and did several runs which got me some nice reputation from various factions. Even got me a nice DPS chest which will be better then my current once gemmed.
Normally i need to tank as a DPS warrior but this day i actually had 1 run where i could do damage for a change. I was surprised my dps gear missed a few enchants and even gems so there is still room for improvement but i managed to get 2nd on the meters behind a mage and just above an Enhancement Shammy (he healed now and then but i tanked so that about evens out i guess).
Most importantly i had fun, even in the Caverns of time where we escorted Thrall and every dps managed to get aggro from different mobs.. i'm still surprised no one died (maybe the gnome mage once but he had one comming ;) ).

Ow and did i mention i got my Warrior keyed to Karazhan aswell? My main still needs some stuff in there due to a 2 month break but when saved it might be fun to test my skills in there with my warrior.

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