Friday, November 23

Grind vd Raid time

Raiding is expensive... can't deny that. Pots, reagents, repairs, food, bandages.. you name it.
Blizzard admits this and tries to help making this cheaper; pots in return for drops for example, adding a chance to get more then 1 pot when making it, (new) discounts on repairs on higher reputation levels, repeatable dailies to get quick money, dailies which give buff food.... who else what more.
But is it enough?

I find myself more and more grinding for herbs for pots, disenchanting greens for oils, doing boring dailies for cash... not because i want to but because i need to. I'm a Hunter so i don't use reagents but i use ammo instead... epic arrows which fly out with the speed of light as i'm a Beastmaster. Each raid i use a Flask of Relentless assault... i come home from work every day and 4 days a week i need to prepare for that nights raid. So i check out the Auction House and i pray for a reasonable priced Fel Lotus which is one of the components. I can farm the other 2 components quite easily but the droprate on Fel Lotus is just terrible... don't think i managed to get more then 6 myself sofar.
In the beginning they were about 25 gold, quickly they were going up in price but stubborn as i was refused to pay 30 bloody goldpieces for one stupid plant.
They prices didn't seem to go down tho and i had no choice to buy it for the price they are asking >.>
But it didn't stop there... prices are still going up and the cheapest one on the AH today was 45gold with the price of a ready flask at 50 gold.

On a raidnight i use:

  • 18 stacks of arrows, each stack costs 90s; 16g20
  • 1-2 flasks (average 1,2) of 50g; 60g
  • Repairs (average); 25g
  • Mana oil; would cost 10g on AH; 10g
  • Stack of petfood (20 pieces) : 2g
  • 10 Bandages (vendor value): 3g
  • Pet buff food: 10g
  • Couple of charges of Drums of restoration : 3,5g
  • 3-4 Mana potions : 9g
Thats is a total of 138gold and 70 silver if wouldn't grind most of the mats myself! When looking at the items i can't grind myself the remaining bill would still be 103gold 20silver.

So hurray Blizzard added some easy dailies.. some taking about 10mins to complete and give a rough 12g reward, others take a bit longer so let's average on 15mins to make things easier. 103,2g / 12g = 8,6 dailies to play even for each raid. 8,6 dailes x 15min = 129minutes.
Rougly said that is two hours and 15 minutes of grinding needed per raid.... but i'm not adding the ammount of time needed to grind food (for both me as my pet), plants, bandages, leather for drums and green items for enchanting dust. I can only make a rough estimate on how much more time i actually use for that as half of it is gathered while playing my alt.
I think it's save to say that for a 3hour raid it would require equal time of grinding.

I was shocked myself when i came to the above conclusion... i can't say i've taken absurd prices in the above list, sure i left out the money i do actually gain during a raid from trash and bosses (i don't know how much it actually is but it aint that stunning as far as i know).
In the past i could keep up raiding quite well without seeing the need for grinding, now grinding is the only thing between me and bankrupcy.
My bankaccount would slowly fill in the "old" days with a peak of about 4k just before the first expansion (i did save up for my future flying mount but i didn't grind for it). I'm almost afraid to win a new Epic as i can barely afford the new gems and enchants most of the time, aint that crooked?
Despite the fact that Wow has turned more into a grinding game i still enjoy it, but am i the only one who's game has turned into a grind?


Anonymous said...

And think that u are an hunter... a resto-druid/resto-shaman/holy-priest have a really worst time in farming reagents & doing daily quests!
Moreover Fel Mana pots are more expensive than arrows or food for your pet !

Exanimo said...

Very true, one very good way to earn money is to do quests at 70. There are still quite a few out there for my warrior but for a Protecting warrior everything outside an instance is just frustrating as hell.
Even the bombing quests are a pain on his slowass mount.
If i had just a Prot Warrior as level 70 character (or a healing specced class for that matter) i would have surely leveled another class to act as sugah/grind-daddy.

One of our Resto Shammies in the raid is a chaindrinker of manapots but on top of that he often tops the death-meters. He must have an account running at a goldseller :P

Meugly said...

My main is a druid, and I totally feel the pain too. I have to keep up 3 sets of gear not counting resist sets (feral tank, feral dps, heal), have to spend tons of cash to raid, and end up having to resepc back to healing for one night several times a month on average.
I too totally cringe when gear that is an upgrade for me drops, because I know how much time I will have to spend mindlessly grinding to get it enchanted and socketed.
Dailies bore the crap out of me, I just can't deal. As bad as grinding is, at least I am killing something, instead of dodging birds or flak.
Not asking for EZ Mode, or any changes really, just venting the pain lol!

Wow Panda said...

WO that was amazing! And I thought 9g repair was expensive after a failed shatth halls run....