Friday, November 30

Teach me mastah!

When reading GMW's blogpost on learned lessons from Wow i decided to take up her tag (altho she managed to miss me :P).
So as an extra little post this Friday (2 for the price of 1 oh my gosh need!) i'll share with you the infinate wisdom i managed to gather while playing World of Warcraft since open beta.

My top 5 of learned lessons:

  • Jerks in RL are still jerks in-game.
  • Gamers are weird people
  • On an average raidnight i need 2633 kilojoule (=630 kcal) to stay sharp (aka 1 bottle of Cola)
  • Cats tend to us your keyboard as pillow during bossfights.
  • Online gaming kills RL contacts

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    Girl Meets WoW said...

    Ha, cats and raid wipes was one of my runners up!