Monday, March 3

For the Horde!

Yep... thats me! Or at least one of my many alts.. but as my highest Horde alt has been level 12 so far this is quite unique. So yesterday i dinged level 40 and i got my little lock a nice flaming horsey.
I was so happy i rode to Badlands and Swamp of Sorrows which made me realise how much harder it is for Horde to get to other zones, they have to ride through Alliance zones to get there.. not fair at all! (/comfort low level horde)

What is weird to me aswell: i'm practically alone on this server. A few friends have some low level toons but they don't play them, not even my GF is actively playing an alt there. The only two people i know are guys i met ingame who moved server two years ago but they are level 70 and spend their time in Arena's and Battlegrounds (not done any Outlands instance... can barely imagen that).
It's pretty hard getting an instance party together when you know no one, which is kind of a shame (tried the LFG tool with little succes) as it is one of the more amusing bits in this game.

Can't wait till the next non-raid day and continue leveling her, just 1/2 bar till Death coil. :P

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