Tuesday, March 18

Spotting a bad pug

Now i'm starting to develop a sixth sense for spotting bad pugs... but sometimes i just want to go to an instance so badly that i just ignore the tingling of my spidey sense. So i go anyway and hope things wont be as bad as i fear. Sadly 8 of of 10 times my first impression was correct and i slap myself on the head for wasting that much time on something with such litte change of succes.

Yesterday i got asked for a Sunken Temple run, i join the party and it contains 2 Hunters, 2 Warlocks and a Rogue. Now that aint surely going to be a succes story. I wished them good luck and offered them the advice to get a tank and a healer and left the party.
Shortly after i got invited back as they had dropped the other (lower) warlock, the pets would be able to tank and the last spot would be for a healer.
Still had my doubts about a pet tank, sure i had done it in the past but it required a lot of attention of the Hunter. Apart from that the skills a pet has available is quite limited, it can't taunt and most pets don't have an area threat effect.
Most of us were pretty high level already so i guessed we had a good chance.

Shortly after a level 49 priest joined and thats when i realy got worried. The guy barely spoke English and didn't respond to any of our questions. Before we started he told us he went AFK for 2 minutes and as soon as he got back he needed 5 more minutes. By the time we started he didn't bother to buff us until after i asked in party chat 3 times and whispered him a couple of times, this was after we cleared a boss already.
There was no marking except for one of the Hunters marking an Undead mob which the Rogue needed to sap but for some mysterious reason it didn't work (/shock). I whipped out my Succubus and started to Seduce the casters then didn't attack (or Multi shot).
Soon it went bad though and we got 2 large groups. Without a tank everyone was running around like three headed monkeys and the healer was taking a serious beating.
I saw no other option then to start fearing a few mobs and soon one ran towards a 3rd group and i was just one second to late to cast Curse of Recklessnes on it to make it turn back. Long story short: we wiped.
Luckily i had soulstoned the priest just before someone ninja-pulled so at least he could rez us. But then he gave us a "got to go byebye", i told him i was hoping he was kidding and that he should use his Soulstone and rez us... but then he rezzed at the graveyard and HS'd. I couldn't refrain myself of whispering a subtle sign of my frustration to me (okay it wasn't thát subtle) and walked back to the instance.
Without any further notice the Rogue left aswell and this pug was officially over.

I had been in flight to this instance longer then i had been inside. Maybe one day i will learn to go on my instincts and save myself some valuable time.


Coldness said...
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Coldness said...

"Yo no hablo inglés" (I don't speak any English)!!

Sorry had to do that. I've seen it happen too many times in the past before with puggie instance members. One time we had 2 who spoke maybe 5 whole words of English!

I feel for you.

Wow Panda said...

LOL this was one funny post, the pain for you became my joke of the day.

The good thing is you still have the option to abort. One time I was running shadow labs, initially with all 70 guildies. Soon 2 of them left and 2 lower level guildie joined. I know we are on a lost course, but have to stay there and wipe wipe wipe.

I saw you started to have deleted post too. Once your blog became more popular, it will be unavoidable :-)

Exanimo said...

Well actually the author itsself deleted the post.. here i will sit forever unknowingly what was said on my blog for a short period of time.

Btw: tried another pug to BRD but even with 2 warriors they couldn't avoid the healer getting aggro constantly. Even worse they didn't even react to it... so i often pulled it off and started fearing it at a save cleared area.
1,5h later i gave up as we weren't even close to a first boss.
Think i'll hold off on doing pugs till the Outlands.