Wednesday, March 5


Anyone who has ever teamed up with someone in Wow (which is quite likely everyone in a online game like this) must have dealed with a period of waiting... brb!

Ok back, sorry for that.. cat just threw up all over the floor! Sounds somewhat familiar?
Now the more people you are teamed up, the bigger the chance an untimely AFK break happens. The reason for this break can be a computer/internet failure but it can also be caused by GF or mom aggro (which are the most used "excuses"). Some people are more creative then tho though, the first one that comes to my mind i had someone use on me was "a car just drove through my wall!"
Now in most cases i do my very best to believe people and just wait till they are back, in some situations that's harder to believe ofcourse.

A while back we had a guildy who would go AFK just when we had sorted the raid, often just outside the instance. Normally you disconnect after 15 minutes or so but this guy managed to stay online for hours while being "away". Imho he was just grinding dkp (as we reward backup dkp).
But he also did this halfway during raids inside the instance and we were left a man short all of the sudden with no chance of replacing him.
In case of an essentiall class (mostly tank or healer) this will result in 9 or 24 other people waiting for this guy to come back ór to DC so he can be replaced, if any replacement is even available.
The mentioned guildy had excuses i personally found hard to believe, or he has a very stupid friend who manages to get himself into a hospital every few weeks... and too be honest, would you've been called up straight away if a friend of you ended up in a hospital with a non-fatal accident?
This was another failed trial candidate by the way.

Another irritating thing about unplanned AFK's is the chain reaction... person A. DC's or runs off to the toilet with immenent diarea and after a few minutes person B. decides to go get himself a drink while he's waiting anyway and stays away long enough to brew his own beer. If you're unlucky person C. makes a break for it aswell, etcetera. Ofcourse there are people who can stretch out a run endlessly just on their own.
Perhaps this little post can kill some time while you're waiting for your tank to catch the rabid squirrel bouncing around i his living room.


Bunnyfer said...

HA! This is a common issue among my groups. I understand the bio break. We all drink tons of water/soda/beer/whatever when we play, it all has to come out sometime. I also have dogs, and try as I might, one always has to "go" in the middle of something. But I have had many say, BRB, wife aggro, and never return. Guess the aggro was bad, and he was doing a corpse run..

Wow Panda said...

I often got wife argo, and that could lead to unplugged computers. In the old world I often left my guildis in dungeons alone. Good thing they are real life friends too.

Now I only go to instances from time to time, and some guildies go bio fast. The fastest is like 10 seconds, we joked about she sits on the toilet :-)