Tuesday, March 25

Luckidy Clop

My Warlock had reached level 60 and ofcourse i dropped everything to start on the quests for the Epic mount. A friend boosted me through Scholomance so i was soon ready for the final quest in Diremaul west.
I had found me a Warlock earlier who was willing to take me along (for a price) but i still needed to get a party to clear out most of the instance, as i hadn't had a succesfull pickup group in a looong time this did worry me quite a bit... Diremaul instance runs were scarse as it is.
When i found out that lock didn't have the Crescent Key needed to enter Diremail West things started to look even more grim as i needed someone with that key ór a rogue with high enough skill.

One of my level 70 Rogue mates on that server seemed bored last weekend tho and i asked if he would be up for helping me and he was. The lock was also willing to go so i just needed a random healing type which i might have been able to arrange.
The Warlock logged before i could make further arrangements and i didn't see him back online anymore that night.... if i wouldn't had spend over 200g on this quest already i might have just bought the ridingtraining and one of those ostriches.

It was getting pretty late in meantime and as i didn't feel like questing i decided to farm some Runecloth to skill up my tailoring, the mobs outside Diremaul seemed like a good option. After 30mins of grinding i came across a level 58 accomponied by a level 70 going towards Diremaul East.
I decided to give them a whisper, i'd figured if i could get the key at least it would open up some options for later on... they were a couple of nice guys and they let me tag along. Some time later i actually had the key.

For some reason i decided to do a /who Dire Maul only to find out there was a level 62 lock (i was 62 aswell by that time) ánd a level 70 lock aswell as some others. OMG! I quickly whispered the 62 lock if they were going to do the mount quest by chance and they did. For a small fee i could tag along, in my enthousiasm i offered 50g which was half the other lock would have gotten and they accepted it.
I abondoned my current party (did explain them and thanked them for the boost) and moved to West as fast as i could. Luckily i had the key as they were far inside and wouldn't have been able to open the door for me.
Halfway the instance (i knew my way luckily, aswell as how to avoid patrols) the other Warlock greeted me and we ran towards the summoning circle where the stuff was already set up.
Within seconds after my arrival a Dreadsteed showed which we had to nuke down, i was given the task of enslaving the 3rd Felguard that would show but dps was so high not a single one had time to spawn. After that it's owner showed (as you are actually stealing a horse out a Dreadlord from another dimension) which we killed aswell. A big golden questionmark appeared above the spirit of the Dreadsteed and after a quick chat i got myself a new mount!

Sometimes you just have to have an unhealthy dose of luck to get something Epic.

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