Friday, March 14

The Lonely Lone Ranger

I'm on a server with my warlock alt where i know just 4 people of which 2 are below level 20. Now the other two are level 70 and i have had a couple of instance boosts which has been quite helpfull as i didn't manage to find a pug for any instance yet.
But still i feel alone (level 49 now), even with my first character i was part of a larger guild where there were often people available for some groupquesting or an instance run. Now it's just the 5 of us in this guild and it seems that all non-noobs are part of a guild and rather play with their guildmates then taking their chances on a pug, can't say i blame them as that is what i'd do on my Alliance alts aswell.

I'm worried about getting level 60 aswell because of this, as you might know Warlocks have a quests where they can earn their Epic mount (as do Paladins) which requires a couple of instance runs. With a bit of luck it will be cheaper then actually training the correct riding skill, which is nice as i only have 128gold... no where near the required ammount (of 540-480g, depending on your rep).
On the other hand getting a party together is going to be quite a pain and with my two level 70 friends playing rogues i would need at least a tank and a healer along aswell, that is.. if i want to bother them with my own little "problems" anyway.
The alternative is waiting till i'm 70 on which level i can do more solo but having an Epic mount when entering the Outlands is gonna be so very very helpfull so i'd rather not wait.

I do realise i'm not the only one with this problem by the way, there are plenty of people who are guildless and still enjoy this game. They miss out on most of the things i take for granted (like getting a good instance run) but are perhaps they don't miss it at all, ignorance is bliss aint it?
Playing more will get you more connections so for the casual player the quests which need a team effort are quite a bit more Epic.
I'm in this guild formed by two friends (called <A Pixel Too Far>, found it quite funny myself) but if i want to experience more of the game's content i might need to leave the nest and find a spot somewhere in the community.
Socializing ingame... as if doing so in RL aint bad enough.

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