Monday, March 3

Outgearing content

Yesterday i had an insanely easy heroic with some guildies (BM, which was the daily) which offered little challenge. We joked we might aswell 5-man Karazhan and afterwards we decided to actually give The Huntsman a shot.
So me (on my Hunter), a Feral Tank, a Resto Druid, a Warlock and a Mage stepped into Karazhan.

Too be honest the trash is what concerned me the most so the Mage got his Shadowpriest in for the trash so we had some extra crowdcontrol. Maybe it was because we were so focused but it turned out to be one of the smoothest trashclears i've ever had on that bit.
The huntsman didn't proof much of a challenge either, our Tank could easily take the beating.. our healer didn't even get close to running out of mana (even HoT'ed the lock so he could lifetap) and dps was more then sufficient to keep the fight relative short.

Our healer had to go so it stopped there but too be honest not all the bosses are doable with just 5 people, you simply will be short some people for certain events. Moroes needs 2 tanks for example and a lot of CC, Maiden would have been very doable if the Mage got his Priest again for cleansing, Oz in the Opera would have been tricky but again doable. Curator might be a bitch with lots of dps needed on the flares but i guess we would have had a good shot at him aswell.
At certain bosses we would have to try and deal with the boss in different ways, at Aran we'd have to just let him sheep us, kill the elementals and then continue on the boss himself. Illhoof might be a bitch if our only healer got sacrifced but swapping my hunter for my enhancement shaman so i could heal him at that point could have been a sollution to that. Prince himself would be very doable again i guess if one healer should proof sufficient, the biggest problem might be mana in this fight... perhaps bringing a mana battery would help in that case.

All and all an interesting idea which i wouldn't mind trying out soon, alot better then hanging around in Shattrah.
I guess players keep looking for new challenges, even better if it shows just how much you have "grown".

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Jon said...

Showoff. =P

Our guild just downed curator last night. 5-manning that would not be fun at our level.