Friday, March 21

Gonna go public with my Nerdness

I feel like a trekky now, or at least how i suppose they would feel.. but still in an embarresed sort of way.
Why? I am going to a World of Warcraft convention or whatever you want to call it: World Wide Invitational 2008 is what Blizzard is calling it themselves, has a much more fancier ring to it surely... think i'm going to use that when people who don't understand WoW ask what i'm going to do there. My GF keeps calling it Blizzcon, i guess thats sort of what it is, perhaps a bit smaller though.

So end of June i'm off to Paris (Europe) which is about a 7 hours drive from where i live in the Netherlands, not that bad a trip. (Altho in about 2 hours you can cross whole of Holland) I've booked a room just across the Expo so i can step out of bed, get some breakfast quickly and stand in front of the lines (think there will be lines at the entrance aswell?). Together with my GF, one of my best mates (both who play Wow since the beginning as i do) and my mate's GF (which he got hooked recently). I think she even is planning to copy an ingame dress to wear, i really hope she doesn't too be honest. (some people simply don't have the figure for that.. just like a short kid walking around in a Neo Matrix kind of jacket, just looks stupid)
Perhaps i'm gonna wear a T-shirt i made/ordered 1,5 year ago or so.. heavily outdated with my toons picture on it, still dressed in a mix between Giant- and Dragonstalker. (Molten Core and BWL set) Or perhaps that other shirt "Mechanical squirrels are watching", funny how that t-shirt doesn't have a gamer-vibe unless you actually play Wow.

Anyway, i'm gonna be loaded with camera's and i'm hoping i'll have some unique material to use on the blog in a couple of months.
Either way i'm sure i'm gonna have alot of fun there... can't wait to get my hands on playing the WotlK beta, ow i might even get a key for its beta or perhaps the other MMORPG Blizz is making at the moment.
The GF is already exited about the goody bag, mostly because of the code for a unique pet in it. :)

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