Wednesday, March 5

Smashy smashy Orc

So yesterday i logged my Lock and was about to get out of Orgrimmar for some questing when the following suddenly unraffled:

Yozshura points at you. (orange)
Omina eye's Yozshura up and down.

[Yozhura]: How Rude!
[Me]: Hey.. you started it! impolite to point.
[Yozhura]: nun uh i was pointing over your shoulder!
[Me]: well you missed then ;)
[Yozhura]: *evils*
[Yozhura]: Your getting the evils next time
[Me]: lol.. i'm a lock.. i AM evil ;)
[Yozhura]: :o
[Yozhura]: i am smashy smashy orc
[Me]: :) /comfort
[Yozhura]: Why comfort me when i am a smashy smashy orc :S
[Me]: ow sorry.. didnt want to interrupt your ignorance.. carry on
[Yozhura]: It's quite orite i will continue
[Yozhura]: Look at me shamsy smashy :D
[Me]: hehe.. and ur so goood at it /applaud
[Yozhura]: /bow /bow You are a good audience thank you thank you
[Me]: *throws 3 copper in the hat*
[Yozhura]: only 3 copper?
[Yozhura]: i am worth 1 silver
[Me]: hey im only level 41...
[Me]: thats like 2% of my entire fortune
[Yozhura]: *Cries*
[Me]: can toss in some extra [Bloodthistle] ?
[Yozhura]: SOLD!!
[Me]: you're easily pleased... i like that in a man ;)
[Yozhura]: Excellent!!

So what this this useless little chat gain me you might wanna know? (or not but i'm gonna tell anyway) Besides the fun of the chat itsself (conversation is a lost art) it netted me a boost through Zul'Farrak!
He told me he was gonna boost someone and asked if i wanted to tag along, how could i refuse such an offer? I didn't get a reasonable instance run on this toon as in like forever. After a succesfull run (1,8 xp bar after handing in the quests) i even walked home with some loot.

Shows the unexpected things which can happen in an online game, even some pleasant ones ;) And the second morale of this story: it's nice to have friends in high places...

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Wickedly Cool Bean said...

Grats!!! You know, you never know where the good people are going to shine!!! I hope it worked for ya!!