Wednesday, March 12

Having a level plan

I don't like questing very much... there are some beauties out there which are fun to do but there are plenty of quests which make you farm eyes of blind bats, painfull long grinds waiting for a drop which never seems to come.
As i have brought 3 toons up to level 70 and one to level 64 you can imagen i've run through the lower levels quite a few times, this does help alot with getting the most benefit out of the time spend in the lower levels.
When going to a new zone i bring along as many quests as possible and complete them in each area before going back and turning them in, that is unless there is a followup i know of which i can combine with other quests in that area.
This way i often get enough xp for at least half a bar while completing the quests and get another half for turning them in.. for example on my level 46 toon i filled 4/5th of the xp-bar yesterday in 1,5 hour by doing 5 quests (including a bad droprate quest) and turning them in, which dinged me 47 as i already had some blocks into 46 filled.

But there is a bigger plan aswell. I try to have an idea of which zones i can do best for maximum leveling speed (and minimal frustration) while as a plan B to do pre-quests for instances so that i'm ready for those should i get into a group for one unexpected.
My "zone-plan" has been as followed for the last few levels of my Bloodelf Lock (girly ofc) and upcomming ones:
34-40: Dustwellow March
40-44: Tanaris
44-47: Felwood
47-48: Tanaris
48-50: Searing Gorge
50-52: Felwood
52-53: Un'goro Crater
54-55: Burning Steppes
55-58: Plague lands

I would be able to do Searing Gorge a bit earlier but i have often done this area when i was a bit higher then required but this helps in completing the quests in record time (while most mobs are still yellow tho) which can often get me two levels on an evening. Also i expect many Alliance players to be in this zone and as i am on a PvP server with my lock being a few levels higher might help scaring them off.
Altho i'd rather step through the Dark Portal into the Outlands at level 60, the upgrades there will be very helpfull so i won't go doing damned Silithus quests just to get to 60... if i happen to be a few levels short i can always get an extra level in Winterspring.

So lets link the above plan with a timeline, it all depends on how much time i can spend on it ofcourse and if i get sidetracked for a nice instancerun.
I'm at the 3rd step going back to Tanaris to complete some quests there which should take me about 2 hours tops, filling the evening i would be able to complete the SG bit in a morning (if i manage to get up early) and a small bit of the afternoon this weekend
If i don't go braindead of questing i expect to be able to get the lock around level 52 at the end of this week, the next 6-8 levels might take me a bit more time (as i need to attend some raids aswell on my main) but within 2 weeks i surely will set foot into the Outlands, ready to be ganked by level 70 Alliance swooping in on their Netherdrakes... great fun.
Well at least you can tell the plan is there, now lets see how the execution of it will go.


Wow Panda said...

It is always a pain to level up new chars. Need to start from the beginning. That is why I did what I did (and part of the reason is to impress my guildies)

Percinho said...

Welcome back! :-)

That's roughly the path I tend to take, but I skip the Eastern Plaguelands and clear out Winterspring instead. I make a point of waiting until 60 until I cross the portal. Not sure why, just seems somehow Right to me. A friend of mine managed to ding 61 before hitting the Outlands! Only did it the first time though... :-)