Thursday, March 27

No two point four for me

Yep, you've read it correctly.. patch 2.4 hit us yesterday and i had aaaall night to check stuff out but i simply didn't. Another faction to grind rep with and another instance to do with my Hunter of which i'm a bit bored at the moment.
More dailies which i will get sick off after doing them 2 or 3 times anyway, quests which i need to do to unlock something i have no interest in at the moment anyway or for the cash to raid on that Hunter again.
Maybe it's because it's so hectic at work at the moment that i'm too burned to spend my night raiding and have no choice then to stick around till the end of it which is often later then i would like. At least on an alt i can take a qwerty nap when i want to.

Something more cheerful but perhaps just as uninteresting for you: i had an overpowered encounter recently which i'm gonna share with you unless you actually have a better place to be,... no? Bwahahaha.. ehm, anyway... here's the story:
I was with my level 63 lock in Zangermarsch with the intention to lure out some Alliance, kill them and score a few Mark's of Thrallmar. A level 70 Rogue friend of me was helping me so we started capturing one of the towers which would likely make some alliance crawl out of underneath a rock. (notice that my Alliance hate has grown? That's what being ganked on pvp servers does to you)
It didn't take long before 3 level 70's in Epic gear came knocking at my door, could have expected that i guess. The warrior of the bunch charged me and i quickly dotted and feared him... the Rogue came close as well but the Hunter wasn't too bothered and seemed like he didn't expect to get a shot anyway.
Sure enough i died just after my Rogue m8 ganked the other Rogue. I used my soulstone and started dotting the Rogue and refreshed those on the warrior, followed by a mass fear to get the Warrior, Rogue and the Hunter's pet off my m8.
The Rogue went down and the Warrior took a run for it with just 10-15% health left... i ran after him and dotted him once more which was enough to kill him before he got out of range.
In meanwhile my m8 was on the Hunter and running low on health, i instant fear the Hunter and after that the pet. I throw a few dots up on the Hunter and then start bolting him... soon after that he goes down.
Within moments we, a level 63 lock and a level 70 rogue, manage to down 3 level 70's! Sure i got killed in the progress and we had the element of surprise (although they strook first) but still... these guys got handed their own asses! Haha!
I expected them to come back but they were either too afraid or too embarrassed.
Those guys gave me 3 Marks and a great story to tell my grandchildren... or due to lack of those: to my readers.
Now say "Sure grandpa" and get me my medicine!


Wow Panda said...

I doubt they were really in "epic" gear. But I got surprised all the time by rogues...

Exanimo said...

At least the warrior was mostly T4 (spotted the helmet and shoulders and an overall brownish look) altho he might have been protection. :P
To be honest i can't remember what the Hunter and Rogue looked like but who am i to deny my readers an Epic story? ^.^