Thursday, March 13

Honorless Alliance

Yesterday evening i was playing my Horde lock (48 now) on a pvp server, i didn't choose this server myself but every now and then i get reminded how frustrating it can be playing on one. Now i myself don't find joy in pvp and that is likely why i'm not very good at playing my lock in a player versus player situation... besides killing the enemy is slowing down my leveling process, can't have that. ;-)
I passed a couple of lower Alliance toons and didn't bother with them, the one who decided to attack me (2 levels lower) didn't survive.. mostly because of the Tauren Druid who popped up out of nowhere. I also defended a Tauren Hunter who got attacked by someone but again the Alliance player was the first one who went hostile first, or at least so it seemed.

So what about the honorless bit? The first time i got killed i was about to engage some mobs when i got feared and dotted by a skull-level Priest, i didn't last long ofcourse. The second time i saw a Dwarf Hunter getting chased by a spider so i grabbed it off him, what did the bastard do? He dismounted 20meters away, bandaged himself and then popped a Mark on me... with both the mob on me as the Hunter i didn't stand a chance.
The 3rd time i went to turn in some quests when another Hunter dismounted as i passed him and started shooting and chasing me. At the questhub he caught up with me (was trying to turn in the quest myself, wasn't to bothered with him.. which was my mistake) and he killed me, fair enough.
But then he started corps camping, as i didn't want to give him another free kill i decided not to use the Soulstone just yet and waiting. So 8 minutes later he finally decided it wasn't worth the wait (even went for a drink halfway to kill time) and i could quest on. (had no use spawning near him with half health, no pet and unbuffed.. he would have spotted me in a second using humanoid tracking. I simply didn't want to risk death as i just didn't want to reward him for camping.

This behaviour did kind of match with what i've always hear people say about Alliance: most of them are kids or at least behaving as such. When i'm on my Alliance toons i do meet alot of great people aswell but i've met my share of assholes on Hordeside aswell, i wouldn't be able to say which side is worse too be honest.
On the pvp server i'm on i can tell you i'm starting to develop a strong hate for the Alliance tho, cheap low life gankers! (not all of them ofcourse)
But i guess i would have thought the same of Horde if my Alliance toons were on a PvP server aswell.


Joel said...

I guarantee you would see the same behavior from Horde if you were Alliance side. On my alliance toon I've been ganked, gone to take a shower, eaten breakfast, popped up, and been ganked by the same character. That's life on a PvP server and that's why I don't play on one anymore.

Wow Panda said...

Hmmm. I don't play PVP but maybe I should move some of my high levels there to have fun.

Exanimo said...

Can't move from a PvE server to a PvP server tho.. so you will have to go through all the suffering i did ;)