Wednesday, March 19

The path to being filthy Rich

It might be wishfull thinking but i'm actually am trying to raise my goldlevel a bit. Not just for the fun of it but because i've set myself an expensive goal: an Epic mount. Now training an epic mount would cost me about 510g with a mount itsself being about 85g with me being revered with my own faction. which makes a total of 595g (Holy Mathicus Batman!).
The option i'm going for is the Warlock Dreadsteed which is only obtainable by doing a serious of quests and handing over an ammount of gold and materials.
I have to pay 156g to an NPC for starters... later on in the chain i have to hand over another 250g which makes a quick total of 406g sofar.
Apart from that the materials cost about 70-90g on my server aswell. Seems i have to go through alot of trouble to save me 100g but at least i got a typical Warlock mount and a feeling of accomplishment.
I found myself a Warlock who is willing to come along and use his items which will save me an extra 150g which makes it more worthwile, that is if the Warlock isn't stoning out with the 50g i need to pay him in advance... still quite a risk.

How do i intend to get the money for this together? Well i've devised an ingenious method, two at least. (well maybe not thát ingenious)
The first one is simply picking herbs and sell them on AH, my skill is about 318 which is more then enough to pick any Azerothian flower i want... i'm scowering for Dreamfoil and Mountain Silversage which give me about 1g a piece (and often you get 2-3 when picking one plant). Ok, ok.. it's small stuff for a level 70 but with my highest character being 56 that is still pretty nice.

The other method is more risky i suppose, i plan to scout the Auction House for bargains and resell them. Now the tricky bit is i'm not sure what everything is worth so i installed an addon for that once again: Auctioneer. For those who are not aware of this addon, it can scan all the prices of items on the AH and store them for you. These prices will show up when you mouse over an item so you will also know the worth of it. It is however important you scan the AH often so abnormal prizes don't mess it up.
Auctioneer also gives quite a few handy AH functions like batch posting, scanning for bottom prices, suggestion prices when putting up an item for auction, etcetera... if you haven't used it before you will be baffled by the ammount of options and data you will get, just give yourself some time to get used to it as it will pay off in time.
I'm at the point where i'm trying to scan the AH at least once a day for a week before i start more seriously buying up stuff and reselling them.
Hopefully it will pay off as there is still a good chance an item you buy won't sell anymore.
A couple of friends played this little AH game for a while and they have more money then they are able to spend (altho they don't raid), just hope i can force myself in freeing up enough time to keep scanning and checking for bargains.


Rabbit Stew said...


I just started using Auctioneer also. At first, not being a "crunching numbers" kinda gal, I found it confusing. However, now it works for me. I have the monies. I found a *great* help. Good luck with getting that mount.

Anonymous said...

Speaking as an old time herb farmer, for your level, Western Plague Lands and UnGoro Crater are your cash cow. You can get lots of Dreamfoil in both locations, and the bobs are things you can handle. The mobs should be yellow / green to you, so you should get decent exp from it as well. May I make a suggestion, get the mod Gatherer. It remembers herb nodes on your map. That is really helpful for planning routes you can run in large circles to gather the most.

As for Auctioneer, if you have it, start scanning the AH with it 2-3 times a day. Over a period of weeks it gets more and more accurate. The AH prices increases and decreases for certain items in waves that can take weeks or even a month to cycle from their highest price to their lowest price and back again. The first time you scan Auctioneer will be able to point out items that seem low priced, but that is only as accurate as the current scan. After weeks of scanning it averages the results and shows you what is truly a good deal.

I warn about this because I got burned doing exactly that. I scanned, and saw a bunch of things that looked cheap. I bought them and re-posted them. The problem is that someone had bought up everything and re-posted it higher. What I bought was cheaper than what he posted for, but nearly double the average cost, so I was stuck with them.

Another good way to make money is sell runs in low level instances. If you run deadmines you can usually get people to pay 1-2G for the run, but make the stipulation that you get the cloth and any non BOP blues. You can make more selling the cloth than what you made for the run. If you get a group of 3-4 people with you, that makes 3-8G per run, plus what you sell…and with what greens are selling for, that can be substantial.

Good luck! The speed burst when you get your Epic mount is AMAZING!