Friday, March 28

Free Raiding!

I managed to clear up some time to raid on my Hunter for a change so i took a few hours in advance grinding mats for flasks.
The droprate of Fel Lotus wasn't as high as i hoped it would be (as it has been upped according to 2.4 patch notes) but i still got at least one, i bought a second one for 30g at the AH so that makes 15g for 2 nights of raiding. (no flask proc boohoo)

We had Mount Hyjal planned and a few hours later we had downed 3 bosses (i traded places when they were about to start boss nr. 4) and what did it get me? Some DKP (although i don't raid for that stuff.. loot doesn't interest me much on my Hunter for some reason which is actually a bad thing as i'm slightly undergeared), one death and.... (drumroll) 6 Heroic Badges and 30 gold! Well, i probably got some cash from trash aswell but the bosses drop 10g each which is quite an improvement. On a good raidnight you can easily walk away with some profit, worse case scenario have most of your pots and repairs refunded.

Yep, i'm quite happy with it and i doubt many people won't.
A negative side effect might be that people get richer in general so that prices will go up again as people can afford more and are willing to pay more for it aswell. This might not be so good for the little man but if you have something to offer or play the market with something, you might not notice much of it.
You will gain more money but also things will cost more, for now the balance between raiding and preparing for it seems to be alot more healthy so less time is needed to grind for raidmoney.
More time for alting, yay!

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