Monday, March 17

Stoning out

No drug reference here.. i'm talking about Heartstoning out. Did you ever abandon your party this way just because you had reached your limit of what you could bare? Well i did and i must say the ammount of shit i can take is getting lower and lower.
This mostly happens in pick up groups ofcourse, from guildies you take alot more.. but less problems occur most of the time.

Yesterday i got asked to Blackrock Depths as dps on my warlock (FYI: i managed to level from 48,5 to 52 on sathurday and made it to 54 in a couple of hours before i ended my weekends wow-session) and while i did not have full confidence in every player i was happy to actually get into a instance for a change. Besides, it wasn't like i was the best warlock ever myself.
I soon found out that the guy who was leading us didn't realy know what he was doing, this protection pala did some great tanking but he didn't know the instance that well. This resulted in getting more then 1 group often or people going one way while the rest was the other way.
After a while i got most to follow me (as i knew the way) but some were still acting like kids in a toystore and i felt like the mom shouting "don't touch that!" and "get back here!".

I told the party the tactics of the first boss and the fight started. Altho i warned the healer it was a hard hitting boss the tank went down anyway, but we nuked it hard enough and it went down before he could reach the rest of the group. So what dropped? Sash of the Burning Heart, with me being the only clothie and rest of the party being a prot pala, enhancement shaman, resto druid (armory still showed him as feral) and a hunter i was happy with a hard needed upgrade... and then the druid rolled need aswell and won.
Ehm... what? Now i didn't wanna look like the whiny little bitch that left because she (or he ;) ) didn't get the loot... but this really pissed me off, people rolling on about everything just because it is blue! Add the other little frustrations and the sound of grinding teeth and i just had to heart out.

Straight away i got whispered by both the leader (the pala) and the druid who asked why i left. I told the druid it was because of him which surprised him quite a bit. I remembered him asking "can i roll need?" and before i could answer "well think it's more fit for a damage dealer" he had rolled need anyway.
When i scrolled back up i found out where the confussion started, i answered with a "yes" on the pala's question which hit the chat just straight after the druid asked the question... fuck. Miscommunication then. I was still in a bad mood but decided to come back anyway, at least the xp was nice.

More loot would drop: A tank trinket which the Enhancement Shaman won altho the Pala needed it aswell, a caster trinket which i won but the Enh. Shaman rolled need aswell, mail caster shoulders which the shaman rolled need on again and feral shoulders which the resto druid won.
I suppose this was a good example why i prefer using Masterlooter while in a pug.

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