Wednesday, April 23

Agressive Recruitment

The guild i'm in is originally a semi-casual Raiding guild, when TBC hit us we decided to go at it more serious. Now we raid for times a week for 3,5-4 hours each evening... things went a bit slow at start as the right people were hard to find but by now we've managed to get to a shared 8th position of 43 registered raidingguilds on our server.
Nowadays we get plenty of applies so it's alot easier filling gaps (althought that Resto Shaman remains troublesome) but our high standards do tend to filter out alot of people.

Are we that cocky that we have too high standards? No, no.. it's not like that at all. You know those elitist raidguilds on your server (or perhaps you're in one even) that is about progress and progress alone? Where the Rogue plays like a real Pro but is a big jerk? Where the Tank is the best on the server but is one who goes on a rampage when dies? Where the Hunter keeps whining being in a party with SP, Shaman, Feral and whatever boosts his DPS?
I can tell you we don't have that...
How come? Due to our standards. Apart from being available for raids, reading tactics, bringing pots and whatever else ánd being skilled in playing playing your class there are some other things required. part of our intake is a sort of a personality check, are you any fun.. how's your attitude.. are you impatient.. stuff like that.
This resulted in failed applies of people who had a great raidhistory or great gear but which we just couldn't stand as a person, people who kept bugging me for an answer every 2 hours after i first talked to him.. eventho i told him it may take a number of days. Or people who tried every single officer instead to increase chances or speed things up.
But we also failed people's trials after raiding with us just because he didn't fit in. We had a good player a bit back but he AFK'd out at raidstart coming up with absurd stories later on why he was suddenly afk but for some reason he stayed online for hours and not got disconnected.
Another player spammed /sleep emotes during buffing and tactics, another took your primal nether without saying thanks and expected people to drop everything they were doing, fly to the other end of the world and do an enchant on one of his items.
All these people (and a few more actually) managed to pass the first round but failed their trialperiod and were asked to leave.

This may seem silly but nearly everyone gets along in our guild, we don't have much drama and even on wipe nights we have no problem having fun. People help each other out and our Raid/Guild chat is 99% filled with happy chatter. When there are problems we can discuss them and when someone fucks up we have a laugh about it. (often teasing that person for weeks)
We are more then just a guild based on progression, we are a large group of friends aswell.. not just guildmembers.

Recently one of the other raidguilds on our server has been agressively trying to recruit people of us. The guildmaster has been asking some of our members if they want to join his guild, that while that member didn't apply anywhere.
So far none of the members have been tempted as we have a pretty good thing going on here, something many guilds might be jealous of... on the other hand we did have applies from members of theirs, while our progression is pretty much the same it seems that the mood in the guild is quite a bit apart from us.
I have no problem with other guilds putting up a list somewhere of which classes they need and if anyone in our guild doesn't feel at home with us, he can then apply for a spot at any of those guilds. But i don't think it's very classy if i go whisper random >insert needed class here< from other guilds if they would like to switch guilds. This GM has been known to get friendly all of the sudden with random people, probably preparing them for the big question.

Headhunting is just not a very polite thing to do, my respect for this guild and it's GM has dropped even more lately.
Luckily our guild is tight enough to not get effected by stuff like this, /hug Elysium.

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