Monday, April 7

Sweet Revenge

I was happily questing with my Belf in Terrokar forrest, thinning the local population of Spiders when suddenly red names flashes all around me. While just a minute ago i was there surrounded by mostly Horde players, suddenly the balance had shifted with the arrival of Alliance players. The first two players passed me and so did a few others, but after a minute or two i was suddenly approuched by a Shaman... i guess i was low enough on health and mana to his taste, that's when i normally get attacked by players of around equall level anyway. He attacked first and i quickly feared him and started dotting up, i had to lifetap (convert health to mana) as i couldn't cast anything anymore aswell and when his buddy added there was little hope for me left.
I died while the Shaman had less then 5% left. As i had myself soulstoned, i selfrezzed and finished him off. The Hunter ended (as expected) my short revenge.

As usuall i was pissed, angry and frustrated as i seem to only get attacked when they are of higher level or with 2 or more... I've seen alot of honorless players lately it seems. I rezzed after a corpserun just a few meters from the shaman and the hunter, while on half health i didn't expect to be able to do much i decided to annoy them anyway... dotted and feared the hunter as i didn't feel i had my revenge on him yet. It was not much more then a minor delay to them.

I rezzed once more, patched myself up and finished my quest. When i went back to the quest npc i saw the dynamic duo stand there aswell so i took my distance. After they were gone i handed my quest in and got the follow-up Terokkarantula which i had done on my Alliance toons before... i needed to kill a big level Elite, not something i could do alone.
But... certain other people might try this with two! *Evil grin*
Quickly i rode to where this elite was and there were my two friends again, ready to attack. Ow i was giggling like a little girl, the sweet taste of revenge.. i would be mine, all MINE!! MwoehaHA... ah crap, they've seen me.
They came running my way so i rode away, keeping a save distance between them and my own little precious self.
This back and forth game went on till they decided to take on the elite anyway, i have no idea what they were thinking.. perhaps they thought i was too scared to attack? Or simply waiting my turn to kill the elite?

Once they opened the attack i ran in, as the Hunter had Bestial Wrath (immune to fear) i started dotting and fearing the Shaman. The Hunter moved his attention on me but couldn't get me down fast enough. While the big elite spider was happily munching on the shaman and the dots nicely ticking away i ran to the hunter and feared both him and his pet, then shared some more dots with him aswell.
I refreshed the dots on the shaman just before they finally managed to kill me while but not before i could let slip some evil giggles to let them know i had my revenge.
While lieing on the ground i watched how the spider finished the shaman off. Score! The Hunter was very low on health and ran off, the spider was faster though... splat! Hahaha

Eventho i died aswell (as expected) i managed to get their quest to fail aswell as hand them some durability loss. My revenge was complete!
But there was a lesson to be learned aswell, if they wouldn't have attacked me in the first place i wouldn't bothered them while killing that spider. Actually i might have even pitched in, i guess i'm a very open minded guy ingame aswell ;-)
I wonder if they realised this themselves aswell, when i met them at the Sha'tar camp later (wíth guards) the Shaman was making some "strange gestures" in my direction so i expect not... i guess they will get burned more often then.

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Softi said...

nice one! I love that sort of revenge :)

I've only just started a character on a PVP server and I so hate being ganked when I'm in the middle of attacking >_<