Thursday, April 24

Pimping my Lock

For who has been keeping an eye on my blog, you might have seen that i've put up a little checklist to the right containing a sort of wish list for my Warlock. The idea is that at the moment i am in poor level gear (some 61-68 blues aswell as a few greens) and i am in no state to run Heroics or even do Karazhan. So i've created a list with gear which i can obtain by getting honor in Battlegrounds, rewards from quests and craftable items.
The next level is that i will add Heroic items to the list but that will take me quite a few weeks before i get to that point.

For most slots i have a few options, the best highest up. While it aint complete it gives me a rough indication where to focus my attention on.
You might also noticed a couple have been crossed out already, i already managed to get a few items on my list including my very first EPIC! (which was shortly followed by 2 Heroic Badges which i got from dailies quests. Nais!)

What i also found is a guild which is recruiting to do Karazhan in a couple of weeks, the guy who is suposed the MT just recently restarted playing but has plenty of tankexperience pre-TBC, but is still level 66 so that should give me plenty of time to pimp this alt of mine. Assuming he (and others) can level up ánd pimp in the same time as they are mains, i might be able to set foot into Karazhan then.
I have plenty of Karazhan experience which i made clear to him aswell and since he started fireing questions about it straight away i'm assuming my knowledge will help me get in. My idea is to join them on a few runs first and not join the guild just yet, i'd like to see what they got in their little store myself aswell.

Let's hope my 8 day holiday won't mess up my preperations too much :)

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