Wednesday, April 2

Am i a jerk for thinking that?

This was actually something i was thinking before but a post at Wow Ladies (hey i can still read it even tho i'm no girl!) refreshened my memory on it.
As you might know since last patch (2.4) you no longer need an attunement to get into the Black Temple or even Mount Hyjal. To get this attunement pre-2.4 you needed to kill both Kael'thas (in Tempest Keep) ánd Lady Vashj (in SSC), two tricky bosses for most guilds anyway.

Most people think you are rewarded for killing these bosses with a couple of loot piñata's as the first couple of bosses in MH and BT are sooo easy, at least compared to Vashj and Kael. (who might be just a bit too hard compared to others) So what happens? Loads of guilds get their attunement for free and now get to farm EZ epics... or at least that's how many people look at it, and with many people i mostly mean those who earned their place in MH and BT.
I myself was a bit torn, as an officer i was happy we didn't need to backtrack and kill those bosses just for a stupid questitem for 1 or 2 members or new recruits. On the other hand i felt less elite all of the sudden, sure MH and BT gets harder after a while aswell and those guilds who don't/didn't manage to kil Kael and Vashj will have a very hard time to progress again when they hit those bosses, but still they get to see where we worked hard for... with little effort. Perhaps we will soon be seeing LF24M BT in General chat aswell.

The writer at Wowladies was viewing things from the opposite direction; she was with her guild in BT for the very first time and was having a blast.
Other raidguilds gave them abuse in general chat tho for being there undeserved, while i wouldn't say it at loud and i certainly not agree with them venting their frustration on the changed attunement to other players, i do somewhat see their point.

But those players payed for this game aswell, so what Blizzard gave them a freebee?.... as long as they enjoy themselves right? I got turned off general chat in raidinstances anyway as there as plenty of idots spamming it anyway, not just of the "unattuned", so they are not bothering me.
Perhaps it's even better for "us raidguilds" if other guilds partially close the gap, this will make it alot easier to recruit good people for your guild without trying to steal them away from other raidguilds. (we've never done that but others on our server have certainly tried to recruit some of ours, luckily we're not just here for the progress but form a group of friends aswell.. people are selected on both skill ás compatibility)
In the same way i'm glad they removed the need for the Kara key as i'm about to hit 70 on my 4th character and i wasn't looking forward to getting that key àgain.
Yeah.. i think i can now say i don't mind this change, cheap fun for everyone!

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Asara Dragoness said...

I tell you what.. our guild had just downed Solarion and Lurker before 2.4 hit, we were nowhere near seeing BT and Hyjal yet. And we were getting burned out. So many weeks trying to get Al'ar down, and even Lurker.. then to get all the tanks their resist gear for Hydross, and get everyone learning the next few bosses in SSC, as well as still trying to get Al'ar down, and yadda yadda yadda.. signups for SSC were down, people would sign up for TK just because they wanted T5 from Loot Reaver (who we tried post 2.4 and failed miserably at, thanks to the no-target on Orbs).

Last night, instead of throwing ourselves at SSC yet again.. our guild leader says at raid time.. "April Fool, no SSC, we're heading to Hyjal!!" Oh, and by the way, when we all get there NOBODY talk to any of the NPC's!

Well, one of the tanks didn't listen.. he thought you had to talk to Jaina to get the spirit buff, so he did. Even completely unprepared we got to the 6th wave (I think) before the boss, and we had SO MUCH FUN. We probably would have managed to at least get to the boss, but our realm was all buggy, and people kept disconnecting, so we couldn't get things together enough to get through wave 7.

Still, without this breath of fresh air, we'd have been trudging through the sewers of CFR and getting more and more bogged down in the muck. I for one am very thankful for this access to BT and Hyjal, and I can't wait to get back!