Monday, April 28

Nerf Locks!

I have amazed my partymembers, i have amazed my low level friend, i have amazed my raid... i have even amazed myself.
The variety of adventures i was on this weekend showed my little locks potential and "the lock" was praised all around.

For some reason i joined a Karazhan pug, my gear was still quite weak but to my surprise they wanted me in anyway. They had quite a few other epic equiped players around to compensate i suppose, including an other lock. Too be honest i had the crappiest gear there and tho i didn't agree with how everything was done (Raidleader was very verbal for example) i decided to keep my mouth shut for now.
Where they glad they took me along in the end? I would think so... i provided them eagerly with Healthstones, Soulstoned the Healer, banished mobs ánd singlehandedly removed all Holy Fires which Maiden did on the raid (as we had no pala and priest). All things the other lock could have done aswell btw, just that he didn't. I didn't have meters but someone spammed raidchat just after Opera and i was 3rd. (WTF?)
We killed Aran and then moved back to Illhoof on which i got to "tank" the imps. Some of the dps died as they were attacking the imps instead of the boss and the demon chains so the fight took to long and the healers ran dry.
That was the end of the raid but i made myself usefull and learned alot.

The next day i did a 5-man to Mechanar. The tank was handeling a big golem and there was a sheep wandering around aswell when we got 4 adds; 2 big demons, a small one and a humanoid. It wasn't untill i Banished one demon and enslaved the other that i noticed a "run out" in party chat and didn't see anyone close anymore. I used the enslaved Demon to tank the humanoid and the smaller demon and took them out quite fast.
The sheep broke and started running towards the entrance, following my teammembers... i ran after him and came across the rest of my party in the hallway who obviously noticed the chances had turned in our favour.
One Warlock made a possible catastrophic pull into something easily handled, damn locks are helpfull in demon infested instances.

Last show of power was when i boosted my friends low level toon through Scarlet Monestary. Now i've boosted several people on various toons but not on my lock since she hit 70 and that was only in RFC and Wailing Caverns. I started out slow as i i'm not as skilled yet on handeling large groups yet but i quickly started to pull more and more mobs until i nearly got ourselves killed on a group of at least 20 mobs. The problem was the bastards locking out my shadow spellschool when i tried to re-apply Seed of Corruption, thé skill when clearing low level instances i found out.
After a while i developed more foolproof methods to take out the mobs and within half an hour i cleared both the Armory as the Cathedral, slowly gaining more confident i my locks skills and speeding up the progress.
Do NPC's lock out more then one spellschool btw? Otherwise i could start with a firespell and then cast a shadowspell afterwards. Still plenty to learn and to improve upon. (like i made a Devour macro after Kara for my Felhunter, manual was quite a bitch)

Quite a fruitfull weekend in which i managed to upgrade quite a few items, even got me some epic bracers from Kara. Had a m8 enchant my items aswell, not going all out on blue gear which i expect to replace soon but it won't hurt to make stuff just slightly better to easier obtain those said epics.
Yep, Warlocks are overpowered... at least i'm at the correct side of the Shadowbolt this time.


Wow Panda said...

WOW, you are a good player! Last time I was in Kara with my priest I died so quickly didn't even notice what holy fire looks like. But again I am a player who can't squeeze more than 5 hours of quality play time a week. Your lock story is amazing and I did enjoy it :-)

Rarespawn! said...

First off, if you're thinking of the pull in mech I think you are, your group was full of nubs who've never cleared with a lock before. The demon pulls a lock can pretty much solo by doing what you did (grats on saving their asses btw), but if you've never done mech on a lock before someone should have at LEAST known to tell you to open with an enslave followed by a banish rather than letting the tank try to take care of it. The demon pulls in mech are my favourite pulls out of any instance, and I hate it when people don't know when to handle it properly.

Second of all, yes, spell school interrupts like kick will lock you out of whatever school of magic you are currently casting. However, it's sometimes hard to know when to switch to your fire spell unless you can detect the pattern with a mob. One of the few things I dislike about locks is that our fire school is relatively useless and a school lockout can devastate us much more than it would, say, a mage. Anyway, hope that helps!