Friday, April 11

Future mainchange

It won't be long before we see the next expansion.. well, it's still quite a while off but i'm sure i can keep myself entertained untill then. Anyway, the race to 80 restarts once again and playingfields will be leveled. Most epic gear will be outdated by the time you reach that new cap and this is a time of chances and possible changes.

You can't get into a raidgroup because you're to far behind? At 80 everyone will be in greens (perhaps some blues) and gear won't be a determining factor.. no your skill and determination will be, spare time will help aswell. Either way that is your chance as things will change alot.
If it will be anything like when TBC hit us many guilds will need new raiders (as not everyone is willing to continue with the same pace) and new raidguilds will be formed. Pick your guild wisely and you might be cruising the mainstream like others are now

But perhaps you are already in a nice guild but you have a problem with your current class. Changing to an alt might not be possible if you are playing an "essential" class and/or your new main's class is already overcrowded. Apart from that there might be a gear gap, if your current main walks around in T4 or better and your potential new main doesn't it's not very likely you will once again get that raidspot. The better the gear of the mains in your guild, the harder it is to get an alt up to par which is likely needed to be able to mainswitch.
Again the new expansion will level the playfield. Once you have installed WotLK you can choose your new main from any of the toons on your characterscreen and never look back.... well, it would be nice if you chose a class that is actually needed... we don't need 10 Deathknights do we?

Like always there is a big BUT. You have played your current main for a couple of years now which makes sense you get a bit tired of it at times. That alt however is super-duper fun, but you haven't played it quite as many hours as your main have you? What if you mainswitch and find out at level 80 that this one gets boring aswell? It might be too late to turn back and quickly level your old main to 70 then, you might have screwed yourself over my friend.
Besides... who knows what the new expansion would have brought your old class.. Perhaps it got nice and cool new skills, giving the way you need to play it a whole fresh look.

I got 3 level 70 characters and before WotLK hits us i will have at least a 4th, a 5th would be not a problem either (got 2 at level 66) and perhaps i'll even manage to do a 6th if i get realy bored.
If i want to stay in my current guild (which is very likely) i can choose between my Hunter, my Warrior and my Shaman for now.
I know how to play my Hunter quite well so i would have no problem getting a raidspot on him...
My warrior is protection and with my fingerquickness and good battlefield overview i make a quite able tank i've been told...
The Shaman in Enhancement, while her gear aint brilliant yet i do like play it as it is a very versatile class with the ability to adapt when things go wrong and turn the tide...
Truth is i like the tank alot, but i have limited playhours on it compared to my Hunter. Will i still like it when i play on it every raidnight?
Apart from then soloplay will be a bitch on a prot warrior unless Blizzard finally comes up with something for this, not just leveling will be a bitch but so will grinding for stuff be.
The Shaman would be a more valid alternative, can solo quite good and i can always choose to go healing altho i doubt that's something for me.

Once again you know what my brain has to go through... even that many months before the expansion actually hits us. *takes another asperine*

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