Thursday, April 17

Big Ambition

For who read yesterdays post about alts doing Gruul and Magtheridon.... a followup is about to be born.
Apparently some people, including one often overenthousiastic officer, felt that the alts of our guild should be able to do SSC and TK soon on an off night. There has even been some talk with another raidguild to make this possible, that will make it easier to fill a 25man group with the correct classes.. tanks and healers seem to be a problem among alts aswell for example.

I'm ready for it i'm sure... my alt wont find any upgrades in Karazhan anymore so he's ready for the next level. While i got plenty to learn without a doubt, i'm confident i am up for the new challenges. It helps that i've already seen all encounters and got a good idea what a tanks task is.
Perhaps some resistance gear is needed tho, for Hydross if we decide to do that one... would be nice for completeness.

But how about the others? We got a handfull of alts that have been in Karazhan like forever, those are ready for the biggest part aswell.. but plenty aint!
I've grinded mats for my tanks gear aswell and had several crafted epics before i replaced thim in Kara, still have the tank gun for example which aint going to be replaced untill BT.. my gear is enchanted with the best enchants and all blue gems (no epics available to alts yet). The only thing i didn't go for was Mongoose enchant on my weapon, instead i went for +20 strength which helps threat and blockrating.. it's still an alt in the end.
We got quite some alts with largely green and blue gear, alts who don't know how to play their class to their fullest, alts who's gear is poorly gemmed and enchanter or not at all. Not quite a SSC/TK ready group i'd say.

It seems that the plan is to get some more alts geared up, someone even offered to help my tank get the needed resistance gear for SSC. At this moment the enthousiasm is carried by just a few people but if they can work out some sort of plan i'm sure it could spread.
There are essential things which need to be covered before they present the idea to the masses ofcourse, stuff like how to handle loot, how to handle invites when working with two or more guilds, how to make sure people invest in their alt and how to keep them from swapping toons all of the time.

When looking at it more closely it's actually quite a fun little project. Gather a bunch of experienced raiders, grab their best dressed alts and try to form a raidgroup and see how well it will perform. These people know how most events go but they don't know the small details.. i have in my mind how to best pull and misdirect stuff for example but i often don't know how the healers need to be assigned. Apart from that you don't learn how to play your alt in a raid by leveling it from 1 to 70 and a couple of 5mans.
Still would this group have a better chance of clearing SSC/TK then a group of mains who just cleared Karazhan and set foot in there for the first time? Is the extra raid experience enough to compensate the lack of knowing your toon fully or even a gear gap? (i expect people are more likely to fully enchant, gem and theorycraft their mains then their toons)

For now we are likely to continue Gruul and Magtheridon, let's see what the near future brings.

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