Thursday, April 3

Been Robbed :(

Our bank has been cleared out yesterday by someone... everything except for our gold (just 1k as it was limited) has been cleared out. As we are a raidingguild it was LOADED; Epic gems, Epic Patterns, Potions, Marks of Illidari, Void Crystals, Soul Essence, Hearts of Darkness, even loads of old world stuff like Fiery Cores.
If someone would be able to sell all this they would never ever need to grind anymore.. just the Hearts alone are worth well over 20.000gold! The worst thing is we were making Shadow Resistance gear for our members so we could progress further into the Black Temple, with out the Hearts of Darkness we can't get our members geared up for that so we will need to grind them again.. setting us back numerous weeks. :'(

We quickly figured out how it was done and with all the tools Blizzard has provided this person it was quite easy to do. Sure there was some risk of getting caught but as all it requires is a level 1 toon the only risk is that you won't get past the security.
I'll tell you how it has been done so hopefully you can warn your guild for this.
The robber checked our Wow Armory to get the names of our officers, after that he waited for when it was quiet and created a level 1 toon called officer-bank where "officer" was the name of one of the officers not online. He then whispered one of the other officers to get an invite and would probably be promoted to some officer-alt status which often has bank access aswell.
The officer who spoke to him after inviting and promoting him said he reacted quite in a way that guy should have so he didn't notice anything strange, but then again he wasn't expecting something like that either.... chances are any of the officers would have done the same.
Afterwards we heard that they tried several guilds, often using the name of an officer who was online on an alt so the trick didn't work. At least one other guild on our server has been robbed this way aswell, or so i've heared.

Tickets have been made and Gamemasters are looking into it, let's hope they can help us. Luckily i recently installed the addon Bankitems which also keeps track of Guildbank inventory. As i didn't go check it out once an other officer reported the robbery it still contains the list of the night before.
I've recorded the contents in a movie using fraps, mousing over on each of the items as on screenshots you can't see each itemname. Later i found out i can also export a complete list so i have every item summed up in a nice overview with correct numbers and filenames. This list should match Blizzards records so if they are able to confirm we have been robbed and are not trying to pull of some scam ourselves, we got a good change of getting (some of) our stuff back.

I myself was totaly frustrated with all this, had the feeling i got hacked all over again.. i was depressed, confused and soooo angry! If i would get my hands on that @#@^%# who did this to us, i can only wish he did a happy dance when he pulled it off and then tripped over his powercable resulting in his PC to short-circuit, catch a violent fire which quickly spread so that he only just made it out alive but heavily mutilated and everything lost! This guy has stolen of more then 50 people and deserves something horrible imo, sure he ain't no rapist but let me tell you i feel violated.
The Karazhan run i was on ended at Nightbane as we had loads of AFK's due to this and unfocussed people (like the MT, me), i'm quite sure some of the mage's deaths could be blamed on me as i was doing more then one thing at a time. At the end of the night i had the feeling i didn't had time get some fun and relaxation that night and went to bed teethgrinding, the first thing i thought when i woke up was: FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!
Getting our stuff back just doesn't seem enough, i want this robber to get something to explode in his face... at least his account so he can't benefit of the succes of his sceme but rather more.

We've reduced the number of items an Officer can take out of the bank to 10 and have restricted rights for officeralts. Also we won't promote officer alts after we invite them but leave that to the officer himself to promote his own alt íf needed. More stuff might be thought up to prevent this to happen ever again but perhaps it's too late for that already.
Please take actions for your own guild while it's not too late.


agnOstos said...

If people stopped buying gold this type of crap wouldn't happen so damn much imo.

Dolf said...

This is indeed very crappy.
Good luck in retrieving the HoD.

Wow Panda said...

But shouldn't that officer be more careful and REQUIRE the other officer to login and confirm??

Hope the best and this should be a equivalent of robbery, and if the robber is out of state this is an federal offense.

Anonymous said...

We are going require our officers to verify their identity on vent before a promotion. Just a suggestion.