Wednesday, April 9

Recipy for one stupid boss

Let's try to figure out the main ingredients for a later to be named boss. Those who have done hime before might get which cake i try to bake:

We start out with a regular tank+spank boss, kind of like in the old days. No adds, just one boss... so every other tank then the main tank is useless eventho you needed a handfull of them on the trash in most of the instance. So thank you for the help tanks but you are being replaced with dps/healers.

Next is one spoon of randomness, let's throw someone random high up in the air aswell as everyone directly near it giving them a good chance to splatter on the floor, against a tree ór an invisible wall. When dealing with the floor the correct timing of using a certain supplied item will save your sorry little ass.

Whats next? A right, one ounce of fear... what's a real boss without fearing the entire raid every now and then right?

As the area the boss is in this last ingredient might not add much flavour so let's add some irradic snake-like fires which follows random people.
Getting hit with it will really cook your bum unless you get healed for quite a while, the dot is not debuffeable ofcourse.

Okay what else can we add... some icing on the cake? Sprinkle some random curses on random people which will quickly kill them when not removed.
That should add an interesting bite for the dispellers now and then.

Sounds like something that has been cooked up before, we need one last ingredient for this. Something that will really makes this special, like stuffing a chocolatecake with Wasabi...
Ofcourse, thats it! Above ingredients will surely result in a death now and then due to bad luck or carelessnes... let's make each death count!
If a player gets killed the whole raid will suffer for it and gets a debuff or takes damage, what depending on what class is killed.
That will get someone else killed in 80% of the cases with a good chance on a domino effect.

So what have we managed to create in our little kitchen of death? One of the most unforgiving boss encounters i've seen so far without much room for bad luck, careless players or those with slower reflexes. We shall call it: Choco-Wasabi Pie of Random Destruction! If any event gives the Raidleader a good reason to shout "MINUS 50DKP!", this would be it.

Thank you for attending today's cooking class, please hand over your aprons at the door and make sure to repair at the blacksmith just outside.
I hope you all master this recipy soon but take care, even after a succes it's still very likely to explode inside your oven a couple of times before you succeed again.

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bbr said...

Archi can be a good ol' pain in the rectum. But once your guild manages to kill him once or twice, the next runs should be smooth as butter.

It's just a matter of staying alive.