Tuesday, April 1

No Prank here

For who has been checking out the regular Wow news sites has encountered a number of April Fools pranks already. Wowinsider itsself was a bit late but have announced they are going to HKOinsider covering Hello Kitty Online from now on.

Blizzard had a number of pranks, not only did they announce a console spinoff from Wow, they also let us know that there will be Tauren Marines in Starcraft 2 and that there will be another Hero class in WotlK, the Bard. All of them have been very nicely done, not at all convincing but very entertaining and containing several winks.

Wowhead made me blink for a second aswell as they changed their entry page to look like Thottbot.
But the most convincing joke so far has to be the one on Wow interface where they have posted a real roll hax addon, even all the comments didn't spoil the surprise. I was getting frustrated for a while thinking what assholes would abuse this and would ninja all loot... only after an half an hour or so i realised suddenly that it was the 1st of April. The comments on mmo-champion revealed the truth, luckily.

So as promised no prank here altho i was thinking if i should stop writing this blog (or at least reduce the number of posts) and was intending to make that a post any time soon. There are just loads and loads of wow themed blogs out there with a nice selection of more creative bloggers if i may say so, not sure if i'm adding to this or actually polluting the internet.
But then again, who would believe me if i would put up something like this on April first right?

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Anonymous said...

I saw the bard thing and I wanted to cry before I realized it was April 1st... lol