Friday, April 18


I wake up about every morning with anticipation... 5 times a week i long for the weekend when at that point of day i can remain in bed, but often i alsoremind myself of what day it is and what is planned that evening.
So i start out my day pondering how my virtual life will be, ignoring most of my real life.
Let's do a small flash back and i'll share a week of early morning anticipation with you:

Friday is a raidnight and with the weekend just behind it, it allows me to stay up late without paying the price next morning.
The target was Black Temple which is one of the more interesting dungeons.
Outcome: BT as expected, was a good raid with a chatterfilled Teamspeak.

No raid tonight but a day like this often offers room for a nice instance run, perhaps finish Karazhan on one of my toons.
Outcome: Last couple of Karazhan bosses killed (skipped some) and some minor alting

No raid tonight for me (it's my non raid-day) so that leaves me some time to quest or grind during the day. Nothing highly anticipated but relaxed play without any obligations is nice aswell.
Outcome: Did a few quests on my alt, did some dailies as i was down to 3g and ended up watching Star Trek: Enterprise.

Non raidnight but perhaps we can do another Kara-run with whatever toons are not saved. If not i'll be able to play my lock.
Outcome: We did an alt run to Gruul and Magtheridon, great fun playing the MT.

Blacktemple again that night, Illidarian Council planned which is a total new boss for us. Wipeage guaranteed but looking forward to try this boss.
Outcome: I got rotated out first and watched some more Enterprise, by the time a spot opened up i was half asleep so i decided to pass and hit the bed early.

Non raidday again, Kara had reset so perhaps a run on my main as i still need more badges for my new Xbow.
Outcome: Kara indeed, something wasn't quite balanced in our group for some reason so we skipped a couple of bosses on the way to Prince so only 12 badges this time. Still brought me a bit closer.

Black Temple planned. I heared the night before that there weren't enough tanks so i was secretly hoping my alt could lend a hand being the best geared Tank alt. Prefered to be on my Hunter for the bosses as i was just 11 badges short.
Outcome: Got a badge from a daily so needed just 5 bosses killed in BT, we ended up with 4 which was still nice. My warrior was able to tank the trash till the first boss and it was fun to take him for a short cruise in there.

That was this morning.. with 2 badges left i plan to do some dailies and pray for 2 bages (4 quests which can possibly give one), otherwise i might try to get a quick heroic. After/before that i'll try to get my scope made so i can test it in BT later this evening.

A lot of thinking spend on a game again, in my defense i look forward to my vacation in Tunis in 2 weeks aswell and even the available free time after that to get the garden in shape, the Roottrashers are running freely atm. Plenty of Wow-time left in my holiday aswell ofcourse.

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Wowgirl said...

I'm from brazil, my main is a Blood elf holy priest, on Warsong!

I really liked your blog =P

My guild is also on Illidari council (we killed then yesterday).