Wednesday, April 30

Making fun of a "Noob"

There i was in Orgrimmar scanning the Auction House onmy bankalt which happens to be level 12 when i got an invite to a group. I declined the first two times has it probably was someone asking me to sign a charter or something but then he aswell as some other guy asked me to accept the invite.
So i took off the first guy off ignore and accepted as i was damn curious.
I was a bit afraid that they might have thought of a new way to scam people (and this toon was carrying 3125g at that point) but i didn't expect to be easily fooled.

I was asked to come over, near the Inn next to the AH. After that they requested me to take off all my gear.. didn't like the idea of it and was hesitating at first but again my curiousity got to me, so i played along pretending to be a noob and waited for what was to come.
One of the members was a Hunter and i soon saw the Misdirect icon appear at my buffs. At that point i tried to quickly think of what the hell they could try to misdirect to me and i tried to dismiss the MD buff but i was too late.
The tauren called Gamon in the inn was on his way, looking for a fight. I have no idea why we can attack that guy but this time it was usefull i suppose.
The guys in the party said i would get 2g if i could win a fight with this guy barehanded. My hits didn't do much as my unarmed skill was 1 and i was in the assumption i was alot lower then him, didnt even bother to check his level aswell as mine.
How to beat this guy? I could heal myself as i was a shaman but that wouldn't win the fight... i tried running him through the fire but that didn't affect him.
So i ran to the inn to set my heartstone to it, lured Gamon away and intended to heart back.. hoping to lose aggro and cheat the rules.
He de-aggro'd before that tho but either way it seems the others in the party laughed their heads off and i was worth the 1g i got in advance.
As i didn't defeat him in hand to hand combat i didn't get the 2gold but 1 by 1 they all handed over 1g anyway.
Quite a funny joke, helpfull for level 1 beggars aswell.

I Misdirected one of the Dragons outside the caverns of times on our Raidleader a while back aswell... didn't even get close to killing him and other assisted him even. Still it was fun. One of the priests who was AFK still got a neardeath experience but i felt sorry for him last minute. :P

Either way, let's make those funny guys famous and thanks again for sponsoring my flying Epic mount! (just 120g away now)

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