Monday, April 21

Life at 70

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!! My little Horde Warlock has finally made it, i dinged 70 yesterday! (and is not so little anymore i guess)
Life has changed for me now, no longer XP is the most valuable thing anymore... getting reputation, gold and gear is suddenly.
Questing can be a tool to achieve those three, perhaps it doesn't feel so needed anymore but secretly it still has alot of benefits.
But what other options do i have at this point? Options that didn't seem so important before?

As i bought me a flying mount but still am quite a few k's short of an epic one, i need gold... lots of it, the legal way ofcourse.
One of my keys to this is my bank/AH alt which sells all the crap i manage to gather aswell try to spot a good deal on the Auction House now and then.
Other options are regular quests as at 70 those give a lot more gold aswell as a number of dailies which have opened up, mostly the Sunwell ones.

I want to require at least Honored with a few factions, for the Heroic keys aswell for some of the new PvP kit which might make my time in BG's better bareable. So far i need just a little bit of Lower City (which can achieved grinding feathers or an instance run), Keepers of time (quite a few runs for that) and Sha'tar (some quests in Netherstorm and SMV aswell as instance runs). With Sha'tar i need to get revered as i want the headenchant of that faction, luckily while gaining reputation with Scryer (when turning in Signets) i will get some with Sha'tar aswell.

Apart from a couple of good blue rewards from quests (need to look those up and do them selective together with those who give good rep) i have two other options to get better (epic) gear: PvP and Crafted gear.
I'm a Tailor and i'm at level 358 now, in just 2 days i can craft me my first set-item; the shoulders as then i will have the remaining Shadowcloth. With 4days CD on making that cloth and 14+8 needed, me making 2 at a time results in me waiting for 44days before i get all the mats together.. ouch!
I'll likely buy them off AH and put mine back for resale to get even. Still need to grind me a shitload of Primal Water aswell so i'll be quite busy for a while.

The other way to get better gear is probably easier and faster; PvP. In just a week of play i can easily get myself a nice item, more if i want one of the more expensive weapons ofcourse. I'll start with regular PvP (first do just the daily till i got more time as the rep grind is mostly done) but perhaps i'll give the Arena a try, i've already had two invitations. Will need to try a SL/SL spec tho as that seems to be great in there.

A 3rd option will be saved for later: Heroics. I think it's better to wait till i got better gear for that, i wouldn't like someone in mostly greens in my party either.. no matter just how well he/she plays his/her class. In meantime the Dailies might give me a couple as a nice headstart so i'll try to do at least those.

The plan
With that much to do and so little time, where do i start? At times as this i try to have sort of a plan at least.
I want to do at least a couple of dailies every day, focusing on the Sunwell ones for possible badges.
Tonight i'll start with grabbing the portal and so them all once, after that i'll be able to do the dailies near Kazzak aswell of which one can net me a badge.
Once i've done that (and there is time left before tonights alt raid at the Alliance side) i'll grind some Arakkoa feathers for LC rep, hopefully able to cross one off my list.
After that i'll go find me a good spot to grind me motes of mana as i need 10 in just 3 days to craft my shoulders, if i get them together sooner i'll buy some Shadowcloth but i don't expect to be that lucky.

Plenty for me to do, i will need to expand my plan in a couple of days i guess.. adding more serious PvP, questing for rep and instance runs.
I'm kind of hoping to set foot in Karazhan in a couple of weeks, even if it's with a pug. Let's see how well things will go.


savetehwhale said...

grats :D

Anonymous said...

gratz on getting to 70!

Regarding getting honored with KoT: This is even the easiest to do that with. all you need to do is run Old Hillsbrad and Black Morass once (!!) because there's a quest-chain leading through those 2, and the last step will net you 8K rep.