Friday, April 25

Incoming this weekend

With the weekend on the doorstep and some more available time for playing Wow, i like to plan ahead what things i need to get sorted in the Virtual world.
My Shaman has a few weeks off and has no objectives to complete right now, but that still leaves me with 3 more level 70's to take care of:

The Hunter

  • Do some dailies to get some gold.
  • Grind some Clefthoof Leather for an Nethercleft armorkit for my Warrior. (make sure to bring the daily)
  • Fish some Agility food the raids.
  • Get some (mana)pots and flasks made.

    The Warrior
  • Pick some herbs for pots for my Raiding Hunter.

    The Warlock
  • Try to get some gear by quests: (some require instance groups)
  • Do dailies for Gold and possible badges.
  • Grind Primals, Some Fire and Shadow for Shadowcloth and loads of Water.
  • Do a bit of PvP
  • Run some instances for reputation, Tempest Keep and Auchidown are high on the list as i want the heroic keys for those.

    Quite a list and i doubt i get everything done as there is such a thing as social life and it's overdue chores.
    So apart from the ingame required Raid preperations (which makes this game kind of a drag to me) i'll focus on fun things and stay open for unexpected events.. who knows for what instance any of my toons is asked.

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