Wednesday, February 6

Alting is bad for you!

Ow how i love my little alt projects, keeps my main raiding Hunter a bit fresh.. for someone who plays quite a bit this feel important as constantly hopping between mains would be bad for the raid. Why it is bad for the raid is that it may cause a shortage of certain classes or perhaps even an overdose.
Apart from that your guild needs to regear your toon everytime to get back to the point your previous main was, seriously slowing down progress.
Obviously this aint an option in our guild and mainswitching will automaticly cost you your raidspot. If you're lucky, skilled and well geared you might get that spot back. The luck factor depends on how many new classmates you will get and how often they show.

So you understand why my alts stay alts... eventho i often enjoy playing my alts more then my main, i guess after playing him so long (since the start) the shine starts comming off. Then again, what if i mainswitch and i find out that constantly raiding on that new main gets boring fast aswell? Going back might no longer be an option.
There are defo times that i would rather raid a bit less (if your life often gets directed by the raidleader you kind of feel it's less fun) but if i wouldn't be able to raid at all i would surely get bored pretty soon. Getting bored would result in me quiting the game and i'm not sure i want that yet as i do enjoy the company of the people in the guild.

But that aint what i wanted to say anyway with this posts title... i got 3 level 70 toons now; my Warrior (tank) is fully decked in epic stuff with a reasonable ammount of offspec epics and blues aswell. My shaman is coming along nicely aswell, she's wearing 7 epics just within 2 weeks after hitting 70.
What if i spend all this time on my main? I would have had all the Heroic gear i'm still craving for on the Hunter, full rep with all factions and a shitload of cash!
I've always been able to keep up with the rest of the raid, often being at the top... eventho i missed 2 months and was quite undergeared compared to the other players ánd Hunters. My playstyle however seemed to make up for this but since i've shared my macro's with my fellow hunters and people came more aware of the use of hitrating i see myself slowly falling on the meters. This is ofcourse a good thing, showing that people are getting the most out of their gear while before they obviously didn't.

I'll be honest here... i'm getting quite bored with my Hunter at times but seeing myself near/on the top of the meters despite that made it easy to still come and attend raids, getting the feeling that you are needed makes up for alot.
But now that the gear difference starts to show i'm sort of regretting the time i didn't spend on my main which could have kept me at the top. Then again without those alts i might have ditched the Hunter a looong time ago... i feel like i'm caught between two fires here.
With the new expansion on the horizon (far, far away) i'm already wondering if i should mainswitch or should continue on my Hunter as new levels and new required gear will level the playfield once again, giving me another shot at being the best possible Hunter.
Ending this depressing post i will give you one advise: Alting is bad for your main! Not that is going to stop me tho. ;)


Percinho said...

I have about 5 lvl 20-25 alts, and my main is only 59! If I;d have put all the time into the one char then there's little doubt I'd be 70 by now. For me though the key thing is that this is a game, and it's meant to be fun, so if I'm annoyed with the area my main is q'ing in,. or fed up of the q's I'm on, I'll switch for a bit and enjoy some easier q's and dinging with an alt.

Of course, I don't have raid spots to maintain, so I have it easy, but I do use the rule that if I'm not enjoying the game then something's wrong. Maybe it's time you re-rolled a rogue... ;-)

Exanimo said...

I do have a Rogue actually.. a level 29 (semi) twink untill i dinged 30 from area discovery when i went to buy some pvp gear >.>
Think he's 38 now for when i decide to pick up twink-pvp again someday, even i'm seriously outgeared now.

Bruthah said...

I <3 my alts too, and also enjoy them more these days than my priest.

70 Rogue (used to be my main)

70 Hunter (My very first WoW toon ever. Now he is an herb farmer)

29 Warrior (twink power!)

34 Druid (I'm not sure why, but I can't BEAR to delete the toon. Get it?!)

My alts don't stop me from being one of the best geared/practiced healers in the guild, though - so I can has no guilt!

Anonymous said...

I got 4 toons:

- 1 war 70 well geared for dps/tanking
- 1 lock 66
- 1 pally 40
- 1 hunter 41

I find that leveling with 2 toons at the same time is much more fun and go faster because of the blue experience from resting. When i get out of the blue, i log on my other toon.

I must say i started with the lock as main and switched to warrior because i had more fun tanking. But since im now in kara and more, it seems we need more dps warriors than tanks so my warrior is dpsing with arena items and bg. hehe Welfare epix FTW!