Wednesday, February 27

Paper aint dead!

For who doesn't know, i have most of my toons on the European Aszune server.
Last week an Azunite started something new: A serverwide Magazine!
While it contains not just server related newsitems a large portion of it is devoted to that, interviews with their guilds.. recruitment status, raidprogression, arena ladders.. stuff like that.

Anyway, it's a weekly magazine and some of my posts will be used in the paper, probably not every week as i don't intend to write especially for it but now and then an article of mine should appear in it. Not totaly unselfish ofcourse as i hope for some new readers ofc. ;)
The first edition (pdf) can be found here while the second one containing my article can be found here.
It's a weekly magazine and the links are added each week on the unofficial Aszune forums in this post.
Enjoy the read.

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