Friday, February 8

Freeze MF!

We had too much dps showing for TK: The Eye yesterday and as i liked to go to bed a bit early anyway i volunteered to go on backup.
After turning down another earlier apply, a new apply and talking to a potential new one i switched to my Shaman for some pvp.
As i got bored of that quickly fast aswell i joined my GF who was playing on her level 12 Draenei Mage, who was walking 10 meters away from where i had my level 14 Draenei Mage parked.

I realised why i didn't manage to continue this mage since last time... which was quite a last time as i leveled my Shaman from 1 to 70 in meantime.
Then i spotted Frost nova on my bar which i didn't fully put to use last time, i decided to give this spell a try and see if my mage would become a bit more fun...
Amazingly enough it wasn't half bad and made things alot easier all of the sudden. Instead of logging to watch some TV i offered my services to my GF to get some of her quests done.

The first time i made a mage was surely 2 years ago, i never got that mage past level 10 as i got quite easily killed. Ofcourse i didn't have the knowledge on how things work back then so my view was slightly distorted, but thus far i didn't <3 my new much either. (altho a female draenei is alot better looking then a bold bearded male gnome... what was i thinking?)
This time i was able to cheat death alot easier at least, besides 2 mages teaming up ment 2x frostnova and double the firepower. Things should be very easy.

I dinged 15 shortly after (and the GF 13) and we came across the level 18 Elite that patrols the road on Bloodmyst Isle. We decided to try it on for size.
With one point in Frostbite (5% chance to freeze a target for 5sec) and 2x Frost Nova at our desposal we had a fair chance i suspected. We opened up with some fireball stuff and did the first Frost Nova to freeze him in place. We then started Arcane missiles but most of my GF's mage's spells got resisted.. included her Frost Nova. While i tried to slow him and get some distance she sheeped him to save my ass, not knowing this would heal him. The mob quickly went from 60% health to 90% before i managed to unsheep him. More kiting and near death experiences followed and as i was at 10 health i made a run for it.
For some reason i lost aggro and he turned on the GF who's Frost nova once again resisted.. she was quickly killed. With enough space in between me and the mob and my Frost Nova off CD i managed to kill it.
Now this didn't go exactly as planned but it did show me what great potential a mage has.. with some more slowing effects in the near future and other tools like blink at my disposal i would be able to easily take one mobs above my level or even multiple mobs.
I quickly went to check out Wowhead to see what cool skill were is store for me.

By the way.. i've always heard Frost was the best Talent tree for leveling.. anyone got a nice levelbuild stored somewhere?

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Stupid Mage said...

Fire is actually the better leveling spec.

You don't get the cool Frostie Talents until about 35-ish

Fire on the other hand starts to pay from the start. Faster fireballs, loads of extra damage on crit, pushback resistance...

You will still have your Frost Nova, but you will find that things will be dead before they reach you.