Wednesday, February 20

Da Big Boys

Yesterday it was finally that time: we did our first official Black Temple raid!
We stepped into the very last raidinstance available (and without the wussy "no attunement needed" crap) and we were ready to step into the footsteps of great raiding guilds. We were quite hyped as you can imagen... sure it was cool when we first set foot in Hyjal but this was the cream cheese!

The first thing we noticed was how easy the trash was, we'd expected more trouble... even The Eye trash gives us more trouble then that, or maybe it was a side effect of being hyped where in TK we were often forcing ourselves forward through those dull hallways.
I didn't take long before we killed the first boss which is pretty easy, he's supposed to be a challenge for the healers and while they did notice they had to pick up the pace they got things covered pretty good.
The next pack of trash (poisoned water elementals) was probably the hardest trashgroup we encountered thus far, but maybe that was there was a ninja pull and we hadn't marked a thing at all... had quite some deaths but the remaining people cleared it up nicely.
After that we entered a huge area (outdoor) before the second boss and this trash was just insanely easy, i even tanked the flying mobs there as a hunter.. not something you would expect in the biggest, baddest instance currently available.
We cleared the whole room eventho we're not sure that is even required.. might be a nice way to save some time next run. It didn't take long before the second boss was down aswell. Again no Hunter loot sadly enough but at least nothing needed to be disenchanted for a change.
There was still a bit time left so we took a quick peek at the third boss before calling it a night, next raid we'll surely spend less time on trash and just enjoying the scenery. (even the sewers look better then Kael's little throne room)

We've made amazing progress lately since we killed Kael (which didn't take that long either, was within 2-3 weeks i think), clearing out Hyjal with just Archimonde standing and now the first two in BT aswell. We actually killed 4 new bosses this week (first 2 in Hyjal we did the previous week already).
I don't want to hex our winning streak but i'm pretty impressed with our performance, i've always been proud to be part of this guild of great players but more and more we have a matching progress report to back it up. :)
Hell... we're even ranked 7th on Alliance side, just 1 easy boss away from the current nr. 6. (altho they have been on the next bosses quite a while now, expect them to down them soon) Not bad for a group of people who never got to learn the tricks in other raidingguilds... and all that with people who are together not just because they play their class well but who also can have fun together.

One thing i can tell those guilds who didn't manage to get themselves attuned to MH and BT yet: Once patch 2.4 hits us (and an attunement is no longer needed) you can easily farm the first couple of bosses of both instances. The loot aint much worse then Kael or Vashj with which some guilds have a lot of problems but the effort is alot less. Seems an easy way to gear your guild a bit more so earlier bosses become a bit easier.

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