Monday, February 18

PvP to do PvE?

Last week i had to grab the Hunter and force him into a Battleground. Now i've done some PvP with my Warrior and my Shaman and even a bit with my Hunter back in the days but for some reason PvP on my Hunter doesn't appeal much to me. Maybe it's because my keys are set in a more PvE kind of way and i need to change that first to be a better PvP player or that my BM spec aint the best for it.
Don't get me wrong, i can kite... i got a good chance in most one on one situations (or maybe my opponents just sucked) and i shine when people go for the squishies first and forget that pewpew hunter at the back. (as my gear is focused on dps and not on survival as regular pvp hunters)
Still, i don't like to pvp on my Hunter. Maybe it's because i want to play him as little as possible outside of raids aswell.

So when i heared we needed a pvp item to have a better chance on a pve boss i felt frustrated. It appeared for the first boss in MH it was highly recommended to get the Insignia of the Alliance which removes movement impairing effects. Thats 2805 honor! Thats at least a whole evening íf i'm lucky, won't be allowed to lose too many fights.. which will happen ofcourse.
With great dislike my Hunter visited some BG's and often after an hour or so i had to stop and do something else as i just got too frustrated with it. The typical thing was i often switched to my Shaman and would do a BG with her aswell, just not as frustrating to me for some reason.
After 3 days i had saved up enough luckily and was able to bring along the trinket to Hyjal, ofcourse i didn't have to even use it... figures.

Ow the horror when i found out that the last boss in Hyjal, Archimonde, we actually need a Medallion of the Alliance which costs 17.000 honor. Many days i would have to spend to get this cursed little trinket, just for one boss which aint even a requirement to kill to get further in the Black Temple. So more then ever i suddenly have a feeling i am paying Blizzard to be able to grind.. at least at work they pay mé for the grind. And what do i get in return? A trinket to kill a boss which will get banked after that. I've grinded less for items i've used for months.
Which idot at Blizzard thought up a PvE event which requires a PvP item to complete, i'd like to have a serious talk with that guy!
Fellow officers talked to various other guilds on the server and each and everyone of them told us the 2min trinket was defo a requirement... bah!
If i wasn't an officer there would be a good chance that i just would say Archie to screw himself and just completely skip the whole boss as this will be a huge strain on my playfun next weeks, hope i'm the only one who thinks this tho.

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bbr said...

Got mine, the problem is getting the rest of the guild to work on it though.
2min CD is also great for rage winterchill.

Warriors don't need it though.
And a shaman in each group does help a bit.