Tuesday, February 19

I'm Back Baby!

Recently i've wrote this post in which i played the part of a whiney little bitch... telling you that alting is bad for you and that i just can't stop playing these alts as i just want to raid on my main, nothing else.
I've been rambling on mainswitching aswell with being the main reason getting tired of playing the Hunter all the time... to avoid to get 100% sick of playing him i a had a no-hunter-outside-raids policy.
Ofcourse he would still get some playtime if i needed to grind some stuff.

But something changed my view on things all of the sudden: Patch 2.4 did! Soon we'll be able to play the new content in this patch and tons of info is streaming in from the testservers already.
Now there is a shitload of stuff that get me hot but for some reason this little baby does most: Crossbow of Relentless Strikes. I've been hoping for a weapon upgrade for quite some time now but as i couldn't be fussed with doing Arena's there weren't many options. Lady Vashj has a nice one but being nr. 3 on the DKPlist (from the Hunters) there was little chance i would get it... not seen it drop once, let alone three times. But in the next patch that nice xbow is gonna be available on a new Heroic Badge loot vendor... the catch is that we'll need to unlock him first by doing a shitload of dailies, part of the Sunwell Offensive, but thats gonna be done in a week or two i expect.

So it's back to the Hunter.. grinding Heroic badges as i need 150 (!) for the bow alone! I am aiming for a few more as there is gonna be even more nice new Hunter loot available (T6 quality as Blizzard claims). Besides that i might need to buy me a few Primal Nethers (but i might spend some gold on that as they are no longer BoP) to craft myself new LW gear (once i've grinded the patterns).
The first successtory was yesterday where we did a (near) full pull in Karazhan, netting us 20badges. We started at about 20h00 and at 23h we had killed everything in there except for Netherspite and the Animal boss.
I'm at 38 badges now and got a looong road ahead of me, but i got time and since first in a long time i'm actually looking forward to getting my Hunter some action to get him geared.

For those who want to start their own little grind, mmo-champion has a nice overview on items and prices here. I must warn you.. you might feel the need to shift your attention to a different toon all of the sudden, i know i did.

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