Wednesday, February 13

Working addicts do it on the Web

I've managed to miss out the last couple of raids again.. not on purpose but because i had RL commitments. Actually i think my last raid on the Hunter was a week ago. The last raid i did wasn't on my Hunter but on some other guildies Warrior, not because we were a tank short but because he needed to get the Kael'Thas quest item to get attuned to Mount Hyjal. He wasn't able to attend the kill and would miss out on MH the rest of the week so i was asked to go in his place.
I totally messed up his buttonbar as my configuration looked nothing like his and i still missed a macro here and there but i played my part.

Tomorrow i can hopefuly raid once again which will be The Eye once again, hopefully followed by some Mount Hyjal. Otherwise MH is left for Friday where i should be available once again.
But despite this i haven't been bored... there is no way you can have missed it, anyone reading my blog has surely seen other sites and blogs containing loads of info of the new patch; 2.4
The Patch where Aldor and Scryer team up and take the fight to Sunwell plateau. I myself have been reading various blogs and sites to see what new loot, quests and instances we are going to get soon.
I've been checking out Wowhead, Wow insider and Mmo-champion mostly myself and to not tell you stuff you've already read on all other blogs i will try to restrain my enthousiasm. If you haven't bothered reading up i can recommend above three links... that should easily make up for this short post.
What can i say... they've kept me busy.

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hisashi said...

Hey, I don't really play WOW but i do play Warcraft Dota. I was wondering if we can exchange links?