Friday, February 1

Giv PUG plx!

I was seriously looking for a Pick Up Group earlier this week... for Shadow Labyrinth regular. But there was hardly anyone looking for a group, other instances weren't very popular either.
After a couple of days i actually managed to spot a group in the ingame LFG tool: a druid, a paladin, a rogue and a mage.
Hmmm,.. they need just 1 more. Could be that the Paladin and Druid were the tank/healer and that they just needed 1 more dps, would be nice for my enhancement shaman.
So i whispered "need dps by chance?". The reply was a bit vague, but after rechecking i found out they could use me but would go in 20mins.
Well i was fine with that so i accepted the invite and i waited a bit.

After 5mins or so someone asks: "who is gonna heal, the shaman?". I replied: no, perhaps the paladin?
I wasn't able to see the names of the partymembers just after that as i was in a Battleground and my UI doesn't show my partymembers then.
A quick check on the armory pointed out the druid was feral and the paladin protection, doh! I asked in advance for crying out loud..
So i told them i would make room for a healer as the one who invited me clearly didn't think of that himself.
Didn't manage to find a pug after that.

Is it because all people are pug'ing the Heroic instances nowadays? As Blizzard started handing out heroic keys to Honored players, opening the heroic playfield for any green geared noob.
Maybe those who are left behind without a key are the worse of the worst or, just like me, fresh alts who try to get some reputation to get to the next level.

This weekend i'm gonna continue my quest for pugging various instances so i will have likely a few stories to tell on monday, either filled with frustration and bizare events or else with tales of glory... but that last bit still seems unlikely.
If all else fails i will get myself beat up in Arathi Basin as that is todays honor weekend BG.


Wow Panda said...

I still do the regulars, and I like the simpler ones. Shadow labs is a bit hard, but acceptable. I remember sometime ago when my gear is still blues and greens, we went to a hard one (with the tunnel and fire arrows etc, died many times there), and just can't finish the last boss. I am still looking forward to that one though.

The heroics will be just too hard. How could people do that??!

shardekra said...

I have felt the same despair after re-activated my account recently.

I play a 70 Druid on Blackrock as a feral, focussing on tanking. I have a healer friend and we have trouble even finding DPS.

Last night I was in a group for Durnholde to rep up with Keepers of Time and the dps feral druid with us was not even shredding, despite having 2/2 in shredding attacks.

I was astounded to say the least.